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Is it ok to watch people in class?

When I have to sit out a posture in class I sit on my knees with my hands on my knees (think blowing in firm pose). I keep my eyes on my own eyes in the mirror. I don’t drink. I don’t move. I don’t watch anyone else (unless it’s a world-class yogi in front of me like Afton Carraway and then I’m guilty of peeking).

Afton in locust pose…. how can you not peek at this!?!?

I was practicing on one end of the room this week and I was so far over only one person was to my left. The ENTIRE floor series she laid on her side staring my direction. Logically I knew she was staring past me at all the other people in the room but it FELT like she was staring at me. It felt so weird!

When is it OK to watch other people in class? For example, when there’s a newcomer in class- like first class ever- I totally don’t mind if they watch me during class. When it’s so hot you can’t concentrate and the instructor is talking about lefts and rights and hands and feet all mix up… it’s hard to follow. It’s a lot easier to match your body to someone else. In fact, when there’s a firs timer around me I go into poses slowly and deliberately so they can see what the setup is. It also forces me to start postures with the dialog instead of lollygagging into the posture because I’m tired. So in a way, I like having first timers around me. 

But what about non-first timers that sit and watch people? Is is acceptable to watch people?


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