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Things I should like… but I don’t

I’m at the point in my yoga practice that I feel like I fall into the yogi category. I go most days of the week, I talk about yoga a lot, I have a BLOG to write about it, I have clothes specifically for yoga, I spend whole Sunday afternoons taking two yoga classes…

There are things that I feel like I’m supposed to like since I’m a yogi that I just don’t care for. I’ve tried to like them but I can’t:

1. Kale: it’s got an intense texture. I’ve tried it cooked in eggs and pasta, raw in salads, and chips. I liked the chips OK, but making them is a pain. Besides the chip method I can’t eat it. The texture is too rough and dry (if that makes sense).

2. Coconut water: it too viscous! It tastes funny! The chocolate is palatable, but not my first electrolyte choice.

3. Lululemon: I use their stuff for coverups to and from class. But their yoga clothes for yoga? I just can’t! Their shorts are either too long or too short in length and the rise is just too high! Bleh. But I do have a top that I love. So I guess this isn’t ENTIRELY true. I’ve just given up on their shorts.

To end optimistically there are things that are yoga-y that I do enjoy: most veggies (I eat meat as little as possible compromising with my better half), plenty of yoga brand clothes (shakti, tonic, onzie, mohawk), Ultima Replenisher, my Manduka yoga mats, and my Hydro Flask.  


There’s three main types of fitness: strength, flexibilty, and speed. Are our youth missing one?

Today at the end of one of my classes  (teaching not yoga) a saw a few students bending over trying to touch their toes and groaning. They were athletes (lacrosse, football, baseball that I know of). I was shocked at their lack of flexibility! I mean, they’re only 15 or 16 years old! I thought kids were supposed to be all bendy?!?

When I drew attention to what those boys were doing everyone kind of got into the touching your toes thing and ONLY ONE GIRL could touch her toes?!!? And when she grabbed her foot with an extended leg while sitting in her desk, everyone seemed grossed out at how flexible she was. All I could think was man, they’d think I’m really nasty….

I may be out of touch with normal flexibility since I am a yogi and practice with some really bendy people. But are our youth missing out on one of the big ideas of fitness? Sure things like football and tennis work on speed and strength, but what about flexibility? With how competitive and intense sports are for today’s youth we are seeing an increase in sports related injuries, especially those from repetitive stresses. Could some yoga mixed into their fitness routines help our youth get well rounded fitness?



This is an old SNL, a rerun was on other other night and we had to watch the episode through VeganVille. This cracks me up every time! Esp. since I’m trying to cut as much meat out of my diet as my lifestyle allows (insert hubby’s mean stare for making him cook veggie way more often than he’d like).

If you haven’t seen this entire episode of SNL, you should!

Rainy weather is my favorite yoga weather!

When it rains the humidity goes way up and people go indoors to exercise- it’s my favorite Bikram yoga weather! Depending on the studio you can hear rain on the roof. I love that soothing sound! Somehow knowing people outside are running to their cars makes it feel more still in class. Everyone’s rushing but we’re all here in the hot room practicing and being still. It’s a great chance to feel the calm.

It’s POURING today in Austin. It may take more effort and time for me to get to my yoga class tonight, but it’s going to be so nice when I get there!

Happy Friday!

Please make sure your yoga clothing isn’t see through!

Class was about to start yesterday a guy came in a set up right in front of me. I know this bothers some people, they get all grumpy and irritated about it. Whatever, I just moved my mat over so I could see a sliver of myself. Then he bent over to move his over a bit… and through his black underarmor underwear/biker short things I could see his entire butt. The whole crack, even a couple of moles. BLEH!!! I’ve always wondered about this outfit for men: underwear or actual shorts?

The waist band makes me feel like they’re underwear!

Naturally, when it came time to stagger with our neighbor for standing separate leg stretching, I have to step up to the top of my mat and my mole-butt buddy steps to the back of his mat. Then it was time to bend down while looking forward. I didn’t. I know however I got down looked funny because the teacher giggled and smiled at me. She probably thought I didn’t like it when I can’t see myself…. not that I don’t like butts I can SEE in my face!

Dear all yogis, give your costume a good check over before practicing. I always give clothes the downward dog and standing bow check. 

Congested yoga- I wonder if this is what it feels like to be high?

So I’m two days back into yoga since I was sick. I’m still totally congested. My sinuses are blocked, making my ears weird. I’m coughing. Normal cold aftermath for me.

Sunday was my first day back. I warned the teacher that I was going to take it super easy. I was really there to let the heat and humidity to help loosen all this junk in my sinuses and chest. It’s hard for me, but I did take it easy! The standing series went pretty well until standing separate leg head to knee pose. Oh I got dizzy! I’m sure it’s due to the congestion and getting all that nasty mucous loosened up. It was a little crazy! Honestly, I was pretty entertained at how dizzy I got inverting my head!

It got worse on the floor. The back strengthening is always hard when congested since both congestion and laying on my belly makes me feel like I can’t breathe. Then the situps! OH MAN! SO DIZZY!! I didn’t even try rabbit.

But sure enough after class I felt so much better! I could breathe easier and even sounded a little better.

I HATE being sick

Ugh. After going to yoga Wednesday feeling sore throat-ish, I felt better. I’m sure the humidity helped with sore throat.

Woke up Thursday and I realized I was DEFINITELY sick. Yoga was a no go. I’m guessing I was actually sick and didn’t want to get anyone else sick.

Friday? Sore throat gone and the sickness moved into my sinuses- as usual. But still felt icky. You know- that general sick feeling. I didn’t have a fever but I also didn’t feel good. Def. didn’t go to yoga.

Today, I feel icky still. I’ll see if it goes away by this afternoon. If I’m feeling icky, I guess I’ll have to skip yoga AGAIN! I haven’t missed three days in a row in a LONG TIME.

When you’re used to going to yoga everyday after work and all of a sudden you don’t go? YOU HAVE ALL THIS TIME AT NIGHT! I don’t like it, spending free time sitting around not feeling good. I’d much rather take Bikram and focus on things beyond not feeling good. At the same time, I need to  be conscious of my fellow yogis and if I think I’m contagious, I shouldn’t be there.

Honestly, I think at this point I’m not contagious anymore, it’s usually at the beginning of a cold. IF I’m feeling less icky later I’ll go to an afternoon class today. The heat and humidity always make my stuffy sinuses feel better!

How sick is too sick to go to yoga?

Really! How sick is too sick?

I go most days. I go when I don’t feel good. I’ve been when I’ve been SICK. I feel like the heat helps with all kinds of respiratory issues (which is pretty much my only version of sick). It loosens up the junk in my chest. I feel like there’s a fine line between going to yoga because it will make you feel better and going but then feeling worse (or being contagious).

I have been to class with a sinus infection and inverting my head was painful but for most of the class it was nice to not think about how bad I felt. Is what weird? I think it was a good idea for me to go that time…… I know that your core body temperature goes up a couple degrees during class. I bet that low grade artificial “fever” helps early infections.

I have done a double and not felt right, both classes were pretty miserable. The next day I woke up with a fever and had the flu (sorry to anyone I practiced next to… I was probably contagious). Obviously class that day was a bad idea…….

If I have a crazy cough I’m not going to go because I don’t want to be a huge distraction to everyone else (although I bet the humidity and heat would actually help the cough).

I woke up with a scratchy throat. It’s been bugging me all day. My lymph nodes in my throat are getting a little swollen (happens all the time with me). I’m going to go to yoga. Is it a good idea? NO IDEA!

PS: My studio has a non-profit and part of it focuses on research in hope of someday yoga being covered by insurance. Check out their website if you want to read stuff like cardiac pressure, internal temperature, or even caloric expenditure during a Bikram yoga class.

In the words of the teacher today…

“This yoga never gets easy. It always feels hot- you just learn to accept the heat.” There was a lot of new people kind of freaking out in class. It’s so true! You learn to accept the heat and focus on your practice.

If you want it bad enough you’ll make it happen

If you want it bad enough you’ll do it. If you don’t want it, you’ll make excuses not to.

I think that applies to many things in our lives. A good friend of mine Denise is going through a strict diet plan right now. One with tons of restrictions beyond just food (activity level, beauty products, etc.). Read her blog about the diet here. 

People hear about her diet and say that it’s not something they could ever do. They couldn’t give up eating this or that. They’ll tell her all about the diets they’ve tried. But,  if they really wanted to lose weight, they would try it. They would give up whatever they think they can’t in order to lose the weight.

People say the same about Bikram. I have friends that go sometimes. They know I go almost everyday and I do like it when friends come with me. When I talk about going they start giving me excuses as to why they haven’t gone. I didn’t even ask them to join me! I get all kinds of excuses- I really need to rest, or happy hour, that time of the month, etc. And you know what I think when they list their excuses? If you really wanted to go to yoga, they would find the time to go. That’s cool that you don’t want to right now. You don’t have to justify it to me.

I’m sure I do this when it comes to things I don’t really want to do. And that’s fine that people do this- we ALL do this.  But we should all realize that the excuses don’t make a difference.

If you want it bad enough you’ll make it happen. If you don’t, you’ll find excuses not to.

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