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Sometimes I miss being new to yoga…

When you start your Bikram yoga practice improvements happen so quickly, you see results in a week, a month. You hit huge landmarks relatively quickly- your back bends get deeper and you can see the back wall (or grab your feet) in camel. You start being able to touch your toes. You’re able to bend your elbows in standing head to knee (or gasp- touch your head to your knee).

At a certain point the improvements slow down. You have to work so hard for so long to make a millimeter of improvement. Sometimes the improvements are harder to see or measure than the new ones. I think my back bends are improving but I can’t really tell (I guess I could get someone to take a picture or something). I just have to tell myself that if I try my hardest everyday (correctly) that I’m improving.

I miss those first few months when I was making obvious changes to my body and practice. I see those people in class and I’m  a little jealous sometimes!

It can be disheartening when you compare your practice to a year ago and you’re not really sure you’re making very many improvements in your practice (I know I know, not very Zen yoga of me to compare myself to others or myself).  This has been my motivation in doing every posture everyday as well as I can (correctly) even when I’m tired or I really feel like faking the posture (hello locust pose).


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3 thoughts on “Sometimes I miss being new to yoga…

  1. Have you ever considered changing it up with a different style of yoga? Bikram is great, but doesn’t offer all of the components of a power vinyasa class, for instance. One of the great things about vinyasa is there’s so many more postures, including arm balances and inversions, so there’s always so much room for improvement and growth. Of course, I’m a bit biased 🙂


    • I’ve dabbled in other types, more flow-ish. I do wonder if I should venture out more often- work on postures outside the 26. I do try to take an advanced class once a week that consists of the original 84 that Bikram got the 26 from.

      I even looked at other studios and classes online. Just haven’t made it out to an actual studio yet….. Thanks for the push. I should go!

  2. We all hit hills and valleys in all our activities. Keep pushing through. Remember…you’re competing next year. I’ve already made the “GO MARTHA” sign.

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