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What changes after a week off yoga? 

I took 6 days off yoga to go to Virginia to visit a friend and her family. I did absolutely no yoga. I had no pants beyond tight jeans and I never felt like doing yoga in my undies. You may think that’s no big deal but I’ve been doing yoga 6-7 days a week for over three years (obviously there were chunks of days off and the broken toe time off).  Thursday was my first day back to bikram yoga and I did a double. 

Double? Why on earth did I do a double you ask??? Well Thursday’s there’s an advanced class. Usually Sunday’s are the only day I can make advanced class so having off on a Thursday is a treat. We landed Wednesday night at 10 pm and I was in the 10 am class Thursday morning.

So the big question: what part of my flexibility went first after a week off yoga? My upper body! Geeze- my hamstrings and hips took a minute but loosened up but did give way. My shoulders and upper back never opened- 3.5 hours of hot yoga and they just wouldn’t budge. Backward bends, twists, shoulder rotations were crazy tight! Ugh!!

I guess this makes sense- when do you used those parts of your body in normal life? Playing with a 3.5 year old in Virginia I was on the floor goofing around plenty using my lower half. I inadvertently used my lower body and keep it somewhat loose throughout the week.  But how often do we twist our spines, bend backwards, or rotate our shoulders? Not much!!

It’s Sunday and I’m not ‘back’ but we’ll see how doubling with advanced class goes today! 


Vacation without yoga

My hubby and I are enjoying 5 days up in a small town of Virginia with a family I grew up with. They live in a gigantic farm about an hour outside DC. This means: no yoga! 

We arrived here Saturday afternoon but my husband’s luggage made it but   my luggage didn’t. It’s Tuesday and it is being overnighted here and ‘should’ arrive sometime today. It’s a bummer not having my stuff but really it’s been fine. I grabbed a few things from target when we were in town and my friend has lent me some stuff. It’s just annoying: I brought old sneakers for bumming around the farm and workout clothes to power walk with my friend, maybe even do some stretching and yoga together. I have none of that without my luggage. Since arriving  we’ve done a little walking and playing with kids, but a lot more chatting, eating, and drinking. It’s fun, but I’d kill for a nice long walk with my friend!  Hopefully my stuff gets here in time to use that physical activity stuff because we leave tomorrow!! 

I’m lazy: should I have done some yoga on my own? Yes- but I only have the jeans I wore on the plane. I could do yoga in my underwear…… Really I COULD be doing more. But it’s just different then putting my yoga clothes on and going to my studio to have my teachers tell me to stretch and move! (I know- I’m lazy). 

We get back late Wednesday and it’s our spring break so we have the rest of the week off at home. I warned the hubby of my plans for a lot of yoga when we get home. 

It’s so beautiful here! Farmland, cattle, horses, bald eagles, and beaver dams! 

Foot alignment 

In class yesterday the teacher mentioned foot alignment a few times. I like to think about foot alignment in three parts:

  1. Stand with your feet together.
  2. Stand with your heels, toes, AND ankles touching.
  3. Stand with your feet facing forward, making sure the line between your feet is perpendicular to the mirror.

She focused on #3- it’s a tricky one! If your feet are crooked, your knees and hips aren’t facing forward either! I think that’s what contributed to my rib issues a while back.

She also addressed the importance of maintaining alignment while balancing on one foot- aka the hop. We all do it. You lift your foot and give a little hop on the standing foot. BAM! You’re not aligned anymore! You stand with your feet together and aligned between postures- don’t mess that up getting into the posture!

Time to try out a new type of yoga! 

Lately I’ve been thinking about trying out some new types of yoga. NOT stop my Bikram practice but to just become more rounded. Like one new class a week.  Maybe added to my 6x a week Bikram regimen? That’s possible right?

What type to try?  Flow class? Restorative? Ashtanga? 

Restorative looks amazing after a big Bikram week. Staying in postures for long periods to really stretch! 

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I’ve always wanted to try ashtanga, but class times are an issue. I’ve found one place that offers an intro to ashtanga at a decent time. And intro class makes it seem less intimidating for someone who knows little yoga outside beginner and advanced Bikram. 

What are you favorite styles of yoga?

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Posture is important 

Posture- as in sitting up straight 😉

I’ve been given compliments on how good my posture is, which is a very nice compliment to recive. But all I can think about is the fact that for so long I had terrible posture! In high school I purposely slouched to make myself look shorter. That was seriously my solution to being taller than I wanted! I had to wear a back brace in 9th grade. Yet another thing to make a 15 year old girl feel even more awkward! 

So for me to have GOOD posture is incredible! Yay yoga!!

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