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Great quote from a teacher this week…..

Skipping savasana after a yoga class is like not wiping after going #2. 

Hilarious and true! Take a good savasana! You’ve earned it! 



This week has been a little crazy with it being Easter week and standardized testing at my high school. I’m going to be missing yoga three days. Three days this week! 

I’ve also been struggling with some anger. My husband has a very demanding job and is often working every evening (along with all day). Every once in a while I get angry with his absence. 

Needles to say my brain has been everywhere this week! My goal for next week? Thinking about the postures I’m doing and not the other bajillion things going on. 

I have to remember that the 90 minutes of yoga I do everyday is to make be better so that I can go out and better help others! 

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