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Finally! A class I feel good about!

It’s been so long since I had one of those classes that just feel right. You feel in sync with the teacher. The heat/humidity is just right (I love it HOT). My body is right (or getting that way with my butt issues). It’s just right!

Last night I felt so strong in class. I feel like I haven’t been making big physical improvements lately in class. I’ve had injuries, I’ve been sick. Just getting to class and attempting the postures was my yoga. It is so difficult to accept your practice as it is that day. I get frustrated (totally not Zen yoga of me).

The class last night was good. I think my rear is getting better- SLOWLY. I think since I’ve been focusing on tightening my butt/upper legs so much I’m beginning to see improvements in postures. Last night my back strengthening felt so stable! Cobra is so different these days for me!

Can’t wait to get in the hot room tonight!!!


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