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What changes after a week off yoga? 

I took 6 days off yoga to go to Virginia to visit a friend and her family. I did absolutely no yoga. I had no pants beyond tight jeans and I never felt like doing yoga in my undies. You may think that’s no big deal but I’ve been doing yoga 6-7 days a week for over three years (obviously there were chunks of days off and the broken toe time off).  Thursday was my first day back to bikram yoga and I did a double. 

Double? Why on earth did I do a double you ask??? Well Thursday’s there’s an advanced class. Usually Sunday’s are the only day I can make advanced class so having off on a Thursday is a treat. We landed Wednesday night at 10 pm and I was in the 10 am class Thursday morning.

So the big question: what part of my flexibility went first after a week off yoga? My upper body! Geeze- my hamstrings and hips took a minute but loosened up but did give way. My shoulders and upper back never opened- 3.5 hours of hot yoga and they just wouldn’t budge. Backward bends, twists, shoulder rotations were crazy tight! Ugh!!

I guess this makes sense- when do you used those parts of your body in normal life? Playing with a 3.5 year old in Virginia I was on the floor goofing around plenty using my lower half. I inadvertently used my lower body and keep it somewhat loose throughout the week.  But how often do we twist our spines, bend backwards, or rotate our shoulders? Not much!!

It’s Sunday and I’m not ‘back’ but we’ll see how doubling with advanced class goes today! 


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3 thoughts on “What changes after a week off yoga? 

  1. Interesting post! A teacher at a class I attended last week says sometimes she takes a week off cold turkey because she feels much stronger when she comes back (I suppose just from giving her body a rest). Did you notice anything like that?

  2. I just went to my first class in two weeks (vacation) and I was really stiff. Like you, I was the tightest in my back and shoulders, but also in my knees. It will be fun to watch things loosen up this week (I hope!).

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