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Might as well spend 3.5 hours in yoga today!

I’m taking the day off. I knew I would end up either laying around watching daytime tv or shopping (spending money I shouldn’t).

My solution? Double up yoga today, beginner then advanced! No lame tv watching or money spending for me!


Yoga retreat is a week away!


I’m super excited that I decided to sign up for the Bikram Yoga Women’s Retreat. I admit I don’t know why I hesitated to sign up…. it’s in Austin and it’s hosted by my studio. Since it’s in Austin I can commute and save about $400 not staying at the resort. Since I’m a student AND only make teacher pay this is a plus!

I finish my master’s on Tuesday and then the retreat is Thursday. What a great graduation gift to myself eh? (It will also keep me from celebrating by eating junk food and drinking booze)

I’m a little nervous about the social aspect. I’m going to this retreat without any friends that are going. I’m sure there’s teachers from my studio, but I’m sure they’ll be chatting it up with longtime yoga friends and other teachers. I hope I’m not the only loner heading to this thing! There’s a lot of time set aside for meals and there’s even downtime and I won’t have a room to hide in…. I hope I meet some amazing ladies to chat with during those times!

The days are pretty packed with mediation and posture clinics and whatnot. I’m also nervous about having enough energy for it all. Then again I’m about to head out the door to beginner class followed by advanced this morning. That def. takes some energy and stamina! If it’s tough I bet I won’t be the first to poop out. This is probably a nonsense anxiety.

* Did I mention who is going to be teaching at this retreat? Emmy Cleaves, Mary Jarvis, and Rajashree Choudhury!

Being comfortable being uncomfortable


I’m finishing up my masters (like in the next few days) and there have definitely been some freaking out going on lately. I’ve gotten two cold sores in a month (I haven’t had one in a couple years).

Everyday I go to yoga- even if I’m crammed for time. I’m towards the end of a 30 day challenge and I’m even two days ahead. I don’t have to go everyday. I could take a day off.  But it does such a good job of clearing my mind! If I go to yoga after being in the lab all day, it works like a decompression chamber. I’m all frenzied and stressed walking into yoga but after I have a more realistic view on what I need to get done. I can then go home and enjoy a calm (at least calmer) evening.

One day I was on full freak out mode in the lab at school and RT sends me a text. He told me that yoga has prepared me for this- that yoga forces you to learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Finishing this masters has been a huge learning experience. Honestly, it’s been terribly stressful (someday I’ll look back on it fondly…. I hope). I am good at being comfortable when I shouldn’t be- I do it everyday in the hot room. Why wasn’t I applying it outside the hot room?

And this is one of the many reasons I love it that my hubby practices with me. He gets what goes on in the room.Even if it’s just once or twice a week.

Botox mat

During last night’s class, after the first set of  Pranayama breathing, I noticed the woman in class had a Botox mat. This got me wondering:

  • Does she use Botox and therefore has been given a mat from her Dr?
  • Is she a Botox pharmaceutical rep?
  • Does she really love Botox? I wonder if she has wrinkles…. or can move her face…
  • Does Botox think that yoga studios is a good place to advertise? Are they correct? Shouldn’t yogis be all about the inside and not the outside?
  • If I had a Botox mat, would I use it in public?

This is genius! I spent a good 5 minutes thinking about Botox (I know, not Zen yoga of me). That’s the most time I’ve ever spent thinking about Botox. I guess that’s a win for Botox!

Rainy Yoga

Yesterday was the BEST weather for Bikram yoga- rainy, muggy, warm! It was also a Monday 5:30 class day for me. With one of my very favorite teachers, who makes it FREAKING HOT in class. I got everything I’d hoped for in that class…. it hurt so good!

What can I say? I’m a sucker for getting my butt kicked! And that class was a killer. I knew going in to stop with the expectations (esp. with my hit and miss good yoga pattern lately). I knew to take it easy. I knew what kind of class this was going to be.

Not everyone in that packed room knew what they were in for. People were freaking out! Leaving, drinking CRAZY amounts of water, being generally dramatic (gosh those people drive me NUTS). There was definitely no yoga etiquette going on in that room (I’m kind of a snob about that). 

Yet, the teacher remained calm and patient. She approached the situation with the right energy. She had the right amount of caring mixed in with pushing and correction. She talked about taking care of yourself and taking a break when you need it (but to also join again as soon as you’re ready). Don’t worry, she wasn’t too soft- she kept it plenty steamy despite half the class sitting out. She was teaching us to remain calm and to know our limits for the day even when presented with a very uncomfortable situation.

Even though I was having a not so great class. I didn’t get angry when I fell out of standing head to knee. I didn’t judge myself when I sat out of a set of triangle. I pushed to my limit for the day.I didn’t compare to my class yesterday or the week before. I accepted my yoga yesterday for what it was and nothing more.

As the teacher put it- I walked out of class feeling great. She says that’s what makes great yoga!


How does diet afftect yoga?

I am always thinking about how what I’m eating will affect my yoga later.

Do I really want to eat that hamburger three hours before yoga?

Here are some things I know I shouldn’t eat during the day before an evening Bikram yoga class:

  • Jalapenos (made this mistake multiple times)
  • Lots of garlic/onions
  • Sausage
  • Fast food in general
  • Bagel and cream cheese (just not too soon)

I’ve also noticed that what I eat the night before can have some affects on yoga the next day. Specifically margaritas and Mexican food. Especially margaritas. I figure it’s that they contain tons of sugar and tequila.

Are there foods that are off limits to you before a yoga class?

Summer sun and yoga don’t mix

So on Saturday I spent about 4 hours in the direct sunlight tubing on the Comal river with some friennds. Since I’ m a sucker and I’ve signed up for the 30 day challenge I needed to go to yoga on Saturday. I drank plenty of water (so I thought) on the river and applied massive amounts of sunscreen. We got home about 3:30. This left me about 30 minutes to shower (I had to get off the layers of sunscreen), play with the dogs, and drink water (even though it was probably too late for hydrating).

I couldn’t get all the sunscreen off! I scrubbed and scrubbed! That new spray on sunscreen is impossible to get off with soap and water.  I did my best and hoped that it wouldn’t sting my eyes too badly in class. I went to class and warned the teacher that is could be a seriously ugly class for me.

Turns out class wasn’t that bad! I mean, definitely not my A game. I didn’t really have a lot of time after class before I met some friends out for dinner. All seemed well- until Sunday.

Sunday is often what I like to call my yoga marathon day. I sometimes take a beginner class followed with a 2 hour advanced class. Advanced has been going longer with due to the upcoming Texas Regional Competition. When I have the time I love my Sunday marathon days. I did my usual Sunday morning preparations like drinking plenty of water and being sure to eat something substantial but not huge.

After the first round of pranayama breathing in the beginner class, I knew I was in trouble. I was sweating like a maniac. The whole class I was dizzy and crampy. I get cramps in my face when my electrolytes are out of whack- I don’t know how normal that is. But the muscles around my mouth tighten (makes my mouth look weird to me but I don’t think anyone else would see it) and the muscles around my eyes twitch.

It was bad. I tried to take breaks (I hate sitting out postures). My head was POUNDING! When class was over I ran out and drank a Gatorade (I HATE Gatorade, but I just felt so bad). I drank some of my Ultima Replenisher I brought with me. I gave Advanced all I had.  The teacher has us repeat a couple of things and do the competition postures without a mirror. I’d say it was tougher than a typical class.  I definitely left exhausted and with my head about to explode.

I came home and started working on my electrolytes. I had one glass of Ultima. I ate veggies and fruit. I had another glass of Ultima. I ate pickles. My head pounded all night long!!! At least this morning the headache seems to have gone away.

I’ve learned an important lesson: if I’m in the sun, I need to drink water but ALSO replace electrolytes. Or just avoid the sun like I normally do!

I said I wasn’t going to do another challenge….

So I’ve already said I wasn’t doing another challenge just a month ago… but my studio is starting up one this month that’s only 30 days (that’s nothing when you’ve done 100 classes in 99 days).

This mini challenge is different: we’re on teams based on our location (there’s four studios, four teams). AND we get to show our progress with a poster at our location WITH STICKERS!! The studio to have the highest percent completion hosts the end of challenge party too! The challenge we had in January was much more individual. No teams, no public display of progress.

I may have to participate, I mean THERE’S STICKERS for heaven’s sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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