Hot room confessions

a snapshot into my Bikram yoga world

Vacation without yoga

My hubby and I are enjoying 5 days up in a small town of Virginia with a family I grew up with. They live in a gigantic farm about an hour outside DC. This means: no yoga! 

We arrived here Saturday afternoon but my husband’s luggage made it but   my luggage didn’t. It’s Tuesday and it is being overnighted here and ‘should’ arrive sometime today. It’s a bummer not having my stuff but really it’s been fine. I grabbed a few things from target when we were in town and my friend has lent me some stuff. It’s just annoying: I brought old sneakers for bumming around the farm and workout clothes to power walk with my friend, maybe even do some stretching and yoga together. I have none of that without my luggage. Since arriving  we’ve done a little walking and playing with kids, but a lot more chatting, eating, and drinking. It’s fun, but I’d kill for a nice long walk with my friend!  Hopefully my stuff gets here in time to use that physical activity stuff because we leave tomorrow!! 

I’m lazy: should I have done some yoga on my own? Yes- but I only have the jeans I wore on the plane. I could do yoga in my underwear…… Really I COULD be doing more. But it’s just different then putting my yoga clothes on and going to my studio to have my teachers tell me to stretch and move! (I know- I’m lazy). 

We get back late Wednesday and it’s our spring break so we have the rest of the week off at home. I warned the hubby of my plans for a lot of yoga when we get home. 

It’s so beautiful here! Farmland, cattle, horses, bald eagles, and beaver dams! 


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