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Yoga clone

There is someone at yoga that RT calls my “yoga clone”. She’s 6 ft tall (like me). She is pale (like me). And she has dyed reddish hair (like me- well a year ago). I get called her name all the time around the studio. We’ve both been around the studio for about a year and a half. We’ve never really chatted or practiced next to each other until this week.

We were chatting about the upcoming challenge and ended up setting up next to each other in class. What fun! It was really neat to practice next to a female so advanced AND my size. The crazy thing is that our proportions are so different. Her legs are SO LONG! So kicking out in standing head to knee was cool and crazy to see her hip INCHES above mine (I know I’m not supposed to look at anyone else, but I couldn’t resist!). Standing bow was COOL! She even mentioned how cool it was too. We’ll have to start practicing around each other more often.


I found this tumblr page about Tall People Problems. If you’re tall you’ll appreciate it!

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VERY true for me. No, I didn’t play ANY sports in school. NONE. I was a band geek.

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Yup. Totally happened to me last year and a gay club. I couldn’t figure out why these dudes kept looking at me funny. It was so awkward!


I usually love hard yoga, but I’m dying man!

I usually LOVE Bikram when it’s crazy hot and humid in the room. I sometimes complain (only to myself and RT- I’m not one of those people) that it’s not hot enough. Lately, I’ve been the opposite. Hoping for cooler classes. Maybe avoiding teachers that are notoriously heat crazy (yup, avoided the Monday 5:30 yesterday)?

Since coming back from NOLA and starting summer school I haven’t gotten back into my comfortable yoga groove. I’m going to yoga, but each class is a struggle. I’m working my rear off and almost dying! It absolutely wears me out for the rest of the day. My energy level right now is dangerously low.

I have been in summer school these two and a half weeks. Walking about a mile and a half in the heat to and from my car to the lab. AND I have to wear pants and closed toe shoes (Bio-safety level 2 lab). To top off the sweaty walk, I can’t drink in the lab. I drink water I have to take my gloves off and walk around the corner outside the lab to drink. I’ve been trying really hard at hydrating because of my yoga issues. I think I’ve got it down pretty well.

I’m still so tired and worn out all the time. I’m even managing to sleep over 8 hours a night. Yoga is still kicking me every day. A teacher at the studio says that means I’m working on a breakthrough. She claims that this happens all the time to teachers. That your body is working deeper (hence using more energy) in poses. Haven’t seen a breakthrough yet. I’m ready for it to happen any day now…..

I’m not complaining about working my butt off. Or even that I want cooler classes (that’s what I keep telling myself). I guess I just need to have the mental strength to maintain going to classes and to keep my mind positive and strong while in class (and on the way to class). Yesterday I walked into the studio feeling tired and defeated before even going into the hot room! That’s not the right attitude. The instructor even called me out on it in class (oops).

I walked into the studio and signed in. The teacher (I have her all the time, so we’re pretty friendly with each other and tease and stuff) asks how I’m doing and I reply ” sigh-I’m tired and that it’s only Tuesday.”

During our party time in class she mentions that it’s a party and it’s Friday. She looks and me and tells the class that I said it’s only Tuesday and so she’s making it Friday in class. Yup, she called me out all right! I shouldn’t walk in anywhere and be like that. Even though she was teasing me she also did a great job of cheering me up. It was fun to think that the 90 minutes in that room was Friday.

So, I just need to remember to keep positive and do what I can do everyday and not make it a big deal, After all, “It’s called yoga practice, not yoga perfect” right?

Old yoga stories: New Years Eve 2012

Since I’m still struggling in my yoga lately and don’t really have any new news, I thought I’d write about one of my favorite yoga stories: midnight new years eve yoga at Bikram headquarters. **A teacher told me yesterday that sometimes having a really hard time in class (even with proper electrolytes, diet, hydration, etc.) means that you’re going to have a breakthrough soon. Let’s hope that’s what’s going on!**

RT and I were in LA over New Years visiting one of my best friends. It was also during my 99 day challenge so I was doing yoga as much as I could without missing out on vacation. Since I was in LA, I wanted to take a class at the Bikram Yoga Headquarters. Turns out Bikram’s wife Rajashree was teaching a special class at 10:30 pm so that it would end at midnight!

I don’t stay up late. Last year I didn’t make it up till midnight on NYE. Yoga at midnight while on vacation? SURE! RT did it too- I probably still owe him for doing that with me. We had dinner (crab legs with butter, lots of butter) with our friends and then left for our journey across LA for headquarters. We got there with plenty of time to spare a little before 10. We head up to the studio and realize that it’s already pretty freaking crowded. We had to sign a wavier saying we don’t mind getting videoed. Turns out this is being LIVE STREAMED ONLINE!?!!?

As I’m changing RT is getting us spots. We were both nervous about our full-of-butter tummies and the heat so he was looking for space in the back of the room with the added issue of being away from the cameras. I don’t need to have my butt videoed in my small yoga clothes! I get my stuff together and find RT. He did get spots in the back. Even in the center which was a nice view of the podium. BUT right in the sights of the camera. FML.

The class started late, and it was very chaotic. Before class people were on their phones in the hot room. People in and out all class (def. a no-no in my home studio). All I could think was- this is Rajashree people! What are you doing!?!?

It was getting hotter and hotter. People were sitting out (and walking out). RT was sitting. I couldn’t sit out- there were potentially MILLIONS of people at home watching this online! I battled through. She finally opened the door we were next to and temperature plummeted to point most people could tolerate and return to the practice.

We started late, the mic didn’t work, she stopped to expand on a posture or two. we were running late. Rajashree wanted to finish at midnight with some meditation. The solution was to rush like crazy for the floor series. We finished our final breathing at midnight and Rajashree starts in on the meditation. I’m not totally psyched about the mediation but I was there and I was going to experience the whole thing. People started cheering on about New Years- interrupting her mediation. All I could think was- WTF people?!?! This is Rajashree people! What are you doing!?!?

I’m so glad I was able to go to the class. I’m so happy that RT agreed to go with me. You can see me in the video- but it’s the back of me so unless you knew I was there and knew what I looked like from behind it doesn’t matter. But it was also awakening to see the bad behaviors that are allowed at other studios!


What was funny is that a studio we went to in San Jose streamed the NYE class in their studio so that people could practice along with it there. No worries, we weren’t recognized!


Finally a good yoga class!

All week I’ve been struggling with bad yoga. Bad both mentally and physically.

When I first came back from New Orleans I blamed it on the bad food and booze from the trip. Then I blamed it on school. I’ve been working my rear off in a microbiology lab for graduate school. I’m used to working all day and then going to yoga- this lab thing is different. I’m seriously maximizing my brain all day. Trying to learn as much as I can as fast as possible. I’m pulling on things I learned 10 years ago in my undergraduate. I’ve been able to run from the lab to yoga but each day was terrible yoga!

So I was really looking forward to yoga Saturday. No bad food and no lab. I still had bad yoga! I felt sick, almost like I was hungover. Bleh.

FINALLY today I had the class I needed. Mentally I was there. I was present in class and positive (I can be a little hard on myself in class). Physically, I felt great! Now that doesn’t mean I my practice was perfect or anything. I mean I felt good physically. I was pushing and my body wasn’t giving up.

I think part of the problem is electrolytes. It’s summer in Texas and I’m outside walking about a mile to and from my car going to the university lab. I can usually keep balanced without supplements. Yesterday I had some Ultima after class and I had some before class today. I’m glad I have two flavors at home so I can alternate! 

Red Raspberry

Maybe that’s adding to my bad yoga week!

New Orleans!!!!!!

A random brass band playing on Frenchman Street

I’ve been busy! Last week hubby and I drove to New Orleans for a three night mini vacation before I start my LAST summer of grad school. That’s right! In August I’m finishing my masters!!!!!

New Orleans: After a few travel delays we got there Thursday night. Ate at a late night po boy place and walked around a bit. I called the night early because I knew I wanted to get a morning yoga in Friday. I got up in time and enjoyed yoga at Bikram Yoga New Orleans. RT went to the WWII museum (we’ve already been two times before- he really loves it). It was a beautiful studio in the warehouse district (I could walk there). The hot room was a little small. I’m not sure if they max out the room often. The hot room itself was beautiful too. Since it was in an old building, the actual hot room had a brick wall and the heating ducts were metal and exposed along the ceiling. There wasn’t a humidifying system so the heat was pretty dry until we all started really sweating.

It’s always awkward getting your spot in a new studio. I know some people have their spot and I don’t want to get in the way. At this studio there weren’t any lines along the floor so I had to take a second to figure out how many rows there were. I found a spot that seemed to work. Then I noticed who was on the three mats on the front row in front of me. There were three women that reminded me of the plastics in Mean Girls. They were all dressed in Lululemon tops and skirts.

They seemed like the cocky popular girls at the studio. Oops! Not people I’d want to set up next to!

Naturally once class started it was no big deal. I usually feel a little self conscious when I’m at a new studio. I’m dressed in actual yoga clothes, so even though I’m new there, people know I’m not new to Bikram. This probably isn’t reality, but I feel like everyone is watching me and that I need to do everything to my best. Not so Zen yoga, I know.

Back to the plastics- the girl in the center of the three of them was one of those people that are all about depth and no concerned at all about form. She was almost directly in front of me so I couldn’t not watch her. It was getting to the point I was worried she was going to hurt herself! Just going as far as she could all wonky and crooked. The teacher never said anything! I obviously have only a one class glimpse into that- but it was freaking me out!

Overall the studio was wonderful and the teacher was kind with perfect dialog. She gave good corrections and had good timing (except for short standing bows).

After Friday I never made it back to yoga- I had anticipated this. We walked around the city eating and drinking the rest of the weekend away! It was awesome. I’ve been paying for the indulgences all week in my practice.

New Orleans tomorrow!

I’m ending my veggie challenge tomorrow as we are going to NEW ORLEANS tomorrow! It’s about an 8 hour drive from Austin. I’m sure my rear will be tired. Good thing I’ve reserved some time for one Bikram class while I’m there. I’ve already scoped out the only Bikram studio in NOLA. I think it’s relatively new. But, it’s walking distance from out hotel and offers a variety of class times! The studio looks beautiful.

I’ve already warned RT that I will be keeping tabs on my phone of the international competition this weekend. I’ve got to cheer on our ladies and gent from my home studio!

You’ll always have the floor

A teacher at my studio sometimes talks about the ground. She’s talks about in reference to putting you weight evenly on your feet, or letting it support you in savasana. She has mentioned that no matter where you are, you’ll have the ground. You may not have your mat, water, or a mirror- but you’ll always have the floor. You should have a relationship with the floor. You should know how it feels. It will always be there for you and hold you up!


Happy Hour Yoga

On Friday I finally did something I’ve always wanted to do- yoga then happy hour at TNT. It all started during last year’s challenge. On Fridays I typically had to go to the the 5:30 class at the downtown location since this is pretty much the only class I could get to. The downtown studio is located two doors down from a place called Tacos and Tequila (TNT for short). They have a popular happy hour. So as I’m walking into 5:30 yoga I have to walk by people enjoying happy hour. During yoga I have to see people walking by the studio to their Friday happy hour.

I then wish I was happy houring instead of yogaing. This leads to me chatting about margaritas with my yoga friends before class. This equals a negative class.

Last Friday I had the opportunity to go to an earlier class since I had a half day at school. I got to go to the 3:30 class! RT was supposed to join me but got caught up in a meeting. To make up for missing yoga he met me at TNT for ritas and tacos afterward. I finally to be one of those lucky people to walk  got to walk past the 5:30 class and go to happy hour. It was fabulous!

After chugging some water and chilling out for a but after class I thoroughly enjoyed a cold rita.  The cheap happy hour tacos were awesome. They had a taco bar. They put the meat (or black beans if you’re veggie) on a taco then you top it with whatever you want from their topping bar. Each taco is just $1.50! RT and I ate and drank our faces off for $20! I then enjoyed my walk back past the 5:30 class and paused just long enough to bask in joy of already being done with class as everyone IN class is pushing themselves in cobra pose.

The class then happy hour at TNT was all I’d hoped for- I totally plan to do this whenever possible!

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