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Foot alignment 

In class yesterday the teacher mentioned foot alignment a few times. I like to think about foot alignment in three parts:

  1. Stand with your feet together.
  2. Stand with your heels, toes, AND ankles touching.
  3. Stand with your feet facing forward, making sure the line between your feet is perpendicular to the mirror.

She focused on #3- it’s a tricky one! If your feet are crooked, your knees and hips aren’t facing forward either! I think that’s what contributed to my rib issues a while back.

She also addressed the importance of maintaining alignment while balancing on one foot- aka the hop. We all do it. You lift your foot and give a little hop on the standing foot. BAM! You’re not aligned anymore! You stand with your feet together and aligned between postures- don’t mess that up getting into the posture!


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