Hot room confessions

a snapshot into my Bikram yoga world

Everlasting yoga brain? What’s going on!

I’ve been in a funky haze the past few days. Serious yoga brain nonstop. That fuzz you feel after yoga class. You can’t really think straight and it takes longer than it should to make simple decisions. Yoga brain. For days.

You should have seen me teach thermochemistry to my classes Friday! Good thing my students are so sweet and patient.

I just finished class 43 today. It’s that point in a challenge that’s a dull valley. I’m over halfway done but not close to finished. Just stuck. Maybe that’s why my brain is fogged?

I’ve had an emotional week. Family drama. Everyones ok and all, it was just emotional. Maybe that’s why I seemed dazed over?

Gotta get out of my brain fog!!


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