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Yoga helps with road rage

I think my practice has helped me with road rage. First I wouldn’t say I’ve ever had crazy road rage or anything- but everyone gets mad about being stuck in traffic!

I used to spend the time stuck in traffic angry. Now what’s the point in that? I’m stuck no matter what I’m feeling. Why spend that time angry?

I think it comes back to being comfortable being uncomfortable in the hot room. Bikram yoga has really helped me in uncomfortable situations. Traffic included.

These days when I’m in traffic I just put on some good music and jam out. We should make the best of a crappy situation! I try to let people in and give the curtesy wave when people let me in (what happened to the curtesy wave anyway?).

I didn’t notice my loss of road rage until riding in the car with my hubby and he get all angry and I’m fine. I realized we were stuck and moved on. It’s like in class: yes it’s hot as hell- let’s move on.


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2 thoughts on “Yoga helps with road rage

  1. Yes exactly. I noticed the same thing about my patience and tolerance of routine annoyances. Through yoga I have found it so much easier to breathe and relax, be kind and considerate even in hellish traffic. Funny irony is the time I’m most likely to be impatient with the “idiot in front of me” is when I’m cutting it close getting to yoga class on time, lol. But I catch myself right away….

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