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Yoga With the Champions Days 2-5

Amazing! I love geeking out about yoga and that’s what about 50 of us did for 5 glorious days.

We took Bikram classes, we took more general unheated yoga classes.

We worked on our hips, our shoulders, our backs, our arms. We learned new ways to open our bodies and improve our balance. We got help getting into postures (either being talked through it or actually being physically helped).

We’ve been done since Wednesday afternoon and I’m STILL sore.

It was amazing to have three different teachers all with different backgrounds!

We had Dev, a non-Bikram yogi who grew up in a yoga school in India but currently lives and practices in Singapore.
We had Ky, Bikram teacher, champion extraordinaire from London.
We had Gloria, a Bikram yogi, international champion, who works a nine to five job (a non yoga teacher).

All three were amazing and would help all of us as one of them taught the postures. It was an amazing way to spend the weekend after my birthday! My hubby’s birthday was during the workshop and he was cool about the fact I wasn’t around in his birthday. I’m so lucky to have a hubby that understands my yoga habit!

I took some pics but I feel like there’s a controversy over whether you should post pics of yourself doing yoga….. In an effort to not offend anyone I’ll refrain from including them. I really just took them to remember some of the postures and stretches since there’s no way I could remember them all. But spending all this time getting bendy we were all able to get further into postures than ever before. I even got into a couple arm balancing postures (which I thought would be impossible for my weak core).

I am so grateful for those three champions, my studio, my husband, and my friends that enabled me to go to and enjoy the workshop! I’ve been to yoga twice since and it’s really changed the way I think about yoga.


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One thought on “Yoga With the Champions Days 2-5

  1. What a cool experience!!!!

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