Hot room confessions

a snapshot into my Bikram yoga world

Training with the Champions day 1

Whoa!!!! What an intense awesome day! It started with a regular bikram class with Ky. I LOVE practicing in a large class. This large class was full of very dedicated yogis. We were all excited for the day and you could feel the energy!!! For one yogi it she was too excited to sleep she said it was like she was a kid and the night before was Christmas Eve. (I couldn’t stay asleep either, I was excited and nervous).

We had a break then we moved to the unheated room for 6 hours with Dev. Dev specializes in many types of yoga so we were doing postures outside the 26. What an amazing man- grew up in India with a father and grandfather that run a yoga school. He has grown up around yoga and has even gone out and explored other varieties (ashtanga, bikram, etc.)

I think everyone there did things they’ve never done before. That’s what happens when you have amazing teachers and a 9 hours yoga day! I was able to see my feet in a couple backward bending posture I’ve never seen them before in. I ended up doing wheel from standing (with lots of help). IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS! Somehow I ended up getting pulled to the center by Dev and having him tell me to do wheel from standing. I tried to tell him I couldn’t. He wouldn’t listen. He asked me why I thought that and I knew why- I’m scared!! He spotted me through it telling me exactly what do it. The way he never stopped talking was almost like he was out talking the scared voice in my head. I did it- twice!! (With lots of help but whatever!)

There’s a video out there of it. I’m sure it’s not pretty. I’m not sure I want to see it. Lots of people had phones to take pics yesterday. I’m def bringing mine today so I can try to document all the things we’ve done so I can keep up with all these postures and stretches!

By the last hour we were done. We all kind of pooped out. Thank god beyond the bikram class in the morning the room was unheated. We warmed up just fine!!

I’m not as sore as I was worried about. But I’m sore for sure in my shoulders and back. Time to pack my stuff for day two! The same schedule as yesterday!!!!!


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