Hot room confessions

a snapshot into my Bikram yoga world

Toe Rehab

No, no rehab was needed for my toe but my yoga world was definitely different for a while. I had to keep it buddy taped for quite a while during yoga.

Before being officially cleared by the doctor I was super super cautious in the hot room. No awkward at all, I’d just stand there with my arms up in position. No balancing on the foot. I think the fear of jacking up my toe before seeing the doctor kept me happy with taking it easy. It was also only three classes before I went back for my follow up appointment.

After being cleared by the foot doctor to do anything unless it hurt my toe I went into yoga a little more bravely. I started with the first part of awkward, since there’s no tippy toe action. My teacher’s suggestion? Do the first part of awkward for all three three parts of awkward. That means going into the first part of awkward SIX TIMES?!? Jesus that was tough!! I also obviously didn’t do toe stand on that toe.

A week or two later I added the third part of awkward. Another week- toe stand. Lastly second part was added back.

The human body is truly amazing. Within 8 weeks of really really breaking my toe I was back to normal yoga. I even jumped back into advanced class (had to start getting ready for the championship!) within about 8 or 9 weeks of the break.

Let me remind everyone- watch where you walk!


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