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Texas Yoga Asana Championship

Honestly, I can’t believe I really did it. I actually got on a stage in a LEOTARD and did yoga. In front of A LOT of people. Those people included my hubby, two friends, and my parents. Now my hubby and friends have been to yoga with me and encourage my yoga habit. My parents, on the other hand, aren’t on board with all the Bikram I do. They haven’t done it and don’t get it. I wasn’t surprised when I got somewhat shocked and judgmental reaction when I told them I was competing.

I mentioned it to them and they asked me the two things everyone against it asked:

  1. Isn’t it just an oxymoron to have a yoga competition?
  2. Why would you do that?

I wasn’t good at answering them at the time and honestly I had to choke back the emotion a bit. I’m very close to my parents.

Later I got better to people who had a hard time accepting I wanted to be in a yoga competition. Pretty much I pointed out that I wasn’t doing to try to win, I just wanted to share my yoga with others. And then I’d reply with something along the lines of “if you don’t agree with it YOU don’t have to do it!”

I didn’t expect everyone to see a yoga competition as a positive thing. It does sound a little weird! But I didn’t expect people to judge me for choosing to do it. That was a little hard for me.

Now that I’ve done it- I’m proud!! I got on a stage in a leotard and celebrated yoga with fellow yogis. I loved training for it (it was tiring and took a lot of time though). I loved talking about yoga with my fellow competitors. I made some new friends doing it. My parents came and cheered me on. I think they were actually PROUD of me and my yoga that day! That alone made it 100% worth it to me.

In the end I met my goal for the competition: I didn’t fall out of any postures.

I did have an amazing group of supporters in the audience to cheer me on with signs and shirts with my face on them! What crazy cool friends right?



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One thought on “Texas Yoga Asana Championship

  1. Very cool! Congrats! If I were ever to do a competition, my goal would be the same, simply to finish the routine and not fall out of any posture. You are an inspiration!

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