Hot room confessions

a snapshot into my Bikram yoga world

Thou shalt not walk and watch TV at the same time!

Yes. It was early July and the World Cup was in full swing and it popped on the news so as I was walking by the coffee table I turned my head to see the tv and caught the leg of the coffee table with my toe. The coffee table won.

I shouted some curse word like I normally do when I stub my toe then I looked down. IT WAS STICKING OUT THE WRONG WAY?!? Pure freak out ensues. I yell for my hubby to come into the room. My common sense told me that maybe it was dislocated- I asked the hubs to push it back. He looked at me like I was insane and I asked him again…. he actually did it. Bad idea!!! A nasty painful crunch was what I got out of that. We hop into the car and go straight to the minor emergency that’s about a quarter mile from our house.

They asked when it happened….. Uhhh 5 minutes ago?

First some kind of pain killer shot. Of course there were x-rays. Then the PA says it’s time to reset the toe. She actually told my hubs to hold my hand and that we shouldn’t look. Of course hubs watched and of course I watched his face. GROSS!

The foot was re x-rayed and the PA was a little too excited that she was able to reset the toe. If she was that unsure should she have tried it in the first place??????

Two days later I see the foot doctor and he’s amazed that anyone was able to reset it! He said that 95% of breaks like that require surgery. SURGERY on a pinkie toe?!? Thank goodness!!

Three weeks of the toe taped up and in Birkenstocks. I had to buy and wear Birkenstocks nonstop for three weeks.

***part of me wanted to post a pic of the toe sticking out or the x-rays but I realize some people may not find that as interesting as me. Here are my Birkenstocks. Note how blue and swollen my taped up toe is. I didn’t realize how swollen it was until I had to let that shoe’s strap out more than the other!

Thank goodness that amazing PA was able to reset that toe because three days later the hubs and I were off to Mexico for vacation. Thankfully the vacation wasn’t a physically strenuous vacation. It was an all inclusive sit by the pool bring me drinks kind of vacation. I do enjoy walking on the beach, which I couldn’t really do. I could kayak in the ocean though! That was wicked cool- we saw a sea turtle!

Three weeks without yoga was a whole different story. I’m a school teacher, so the summer is prime yoga season! The first week of toe restriction during vacation wasn’t too bad. I did want to try their yoga by the beach at the resort, but it wasn’t the end of the world.

Two weeks at home without yoga? Oooohhhh man that was tough. Once I could handle walking around easily I cleaned the house. I deep cleaned the entire thing- the closets got reorganized, I scrubbed out the fridge!

I cheated on the toe restriction. I went back to yoga two days before my follow up with the foot doctor. I was very cautious. No standing on only that foot, no awkward, what you’d think. At my appointment my doctor cleared me to do anything as long as my toe didn’t hurt. He said after three weeks my toe was 80% as strong as before the break! The human body is crazy cool!

So. Three weeks without yoga after three years of a 6x a week was intense. I missed it, I mean really missed it!

Whatever you do people- don’t walk and watch TV!!


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