Hot room confessions

a snapshot into my Bikram yoga world

Yoga makes me something I’m not

I’m not a focused person. I was diagnosed with ADD in high school (I know, everyone has issues with attention). I struggle paying attention, esp. when it’s something I”m not interested in or when there’s a lot of things going on around me (again, like most people). I fidget ALL THE TIME. I play with my hair, jiggle my foot, etc. I’m constantly pacing when I lecture.

I’m also a really clumsy person. I’m awkward. I’m a 6 foot tall awkward woman. I’ve always been clumsy. I’ve never been athletic- which is odd for a 6 ft woman (what eye hand coordination?).  I’m pretty horrible at most sports (can’t say I’ve really tried hard at any). If I can fall or hurt myself doing something it usually happens- ask my hubby.

I got a compliment from a yoga teacher the other day that really meant a lot to me. She was taking class behind me one day and the following day she commented on how focused I was in class. She said that I was focused and mediating better than most teachers when they take class.  WHAT?!?! I am focused???? I’ve never been given that compliment in my entire life! I guess it makes sense, I’m usually pretty intently focused on working on whatever I’m working on in that posture. I’m usually pretty good at ignoring the people around me in class.

When I have friends come and practice  yoga with me I sometimes get a compliment on how graceful I am in class. I’m sure part of it is moving my giant long limbs around is remarkable. But I don’t think I’ve gotten that compliment doing anything else in my life- I’m the clumsy one! I’m the person that falls over for no reason. For someone to say that anything I do beautiful and graceful means a lot to me.

So it could be that I practice yoga and it’s become a big part of my life because it makes me something I’m not. It’s changed me- even if it’s just for 90 minutes a day that I’ve changed.

How has yoga made you different?


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