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What’s your yoga face?

For the past week I’ve been trying to focus on the expression I have in class. Sometimes I peek around me in class and notice people’s expressions (I know, I know, focus on myself only!). Most have a blank, somewhat negative looking face. Some people look like they’re dying. Every once in a while there’s someone with a pleasant face.

There’s this one yogi with the best half smile. He looks like he’s having a BLAST in class with this marvelous smirk on his face. He’s just there soaking in the hot wet amazing-ness of Bikram yoga. I want to have that expression too! I love going to yoga- I need to show it!

Do you know how hard it is to work your butt off yet maintain an expression that says I’m not working hard at all? It’s difficult.


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4 thoughts on “What’s your yoga face?

  1. I noticed I always look grumpy during class. I am not grumpy though! Promise. It is hard to think about your face when your concentrating.

  2. I get deliriously happy in the hot room. I am always grinning and laughing while I’m practicing.

  3. I appreciate the frequent reminders by the teacher in class to “relax your face-eyes open-breathe normally”, and of course the phrase “smiling happy faces!” I find that I grimace sometimes when I’m breathing hard and trying to control my breath. I’m not in pain but sometimes look like I am, so its great to hear “relax your face” and I try to smile.

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