Hot room confessions

a snapshot into my Bikram yoga world

Private Lessons

For my birthday this year a couple of awesome friends of mine gave me a 90 minute private lesson with one of my favorite teachers at my studio. Most people may think that’s lame… it’s the COOLEST gift ever for me! It’s something I’d never buy for myself! It’s been amazing!

The teacher and I decided to split it into two 45 minute lessons. The first one was mid March the second one was last weekend. She decided that what would benefit me the most wouldn’t be to go over the beginning postures but to give me extra “homework” to get deeper into both beginner and advanced postures. In other words, she kicked my ass.

My first lesson was all about shoulders and working on full camel. We worked on stretching out my shoulders using the wall and she spotted me for various back bending and strengthening exercises. I was sore for DAYS! My homework was some hip stretches, the wall shoulder stretching, and working on pigeon but against the wall. All fun homework that I can do after class with few people noticing or looking twice.

Similar to my wall shoulder stretching homework

My second lesson was more shoulders but also working on locust pose. Locust pose isn’t my friend. I’ve been doing this yoga for years- even though I try my hardest in the posture every class (well…. most classes) I don’t think I’ve made much progress over the years. This teacher has also noticed  and created a good 30 minutes of locust “fun”. My homework is SUPER awkward! Locust pose in a multitude of torture-ish exercises that look really weird. Think about laying in locust with your arms under your body and using momentum trying to kick your legs up as high as possible. I also have to walk my legs up to bend the top of my spine while laying in locust (aka butt in the air like a weirdo).


Tuesday after class I was working on my locust homework and got ALL kinds of weird looks. It does look really odd… Thursday the teacher came in to clean the mirrors and empathized with me. She made some comment about how painful it is to work on locust pose.  Locust isn’t the most fun posture to practice.

The teacher actually pulled my legs into the full expression of locust. I got towel burn on my neck and shoulders! Crazy!


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