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What are you working on?

In class this week a teacher came back after a few weeks away. Before starting she asked a student what he’d been working on. He didn’t have an answer. She shrugged it off and told us to SHOW her what we’ve been working on. During the floor series she asked another student what he’s been working on in fixed firm….. he couldn’t say what he was working on. Later, he had no response for rabbit.

I got her point: If you have a regular practice you should have things you’re working on. Tight hamstrings- you probably focusing on forward bends! Tight ankles- fixed firm is your posture. Obviously some days the goal is going to be survival- but some days you should be really thinking about postures and how to further your expression of them.

To show off a bit, I’m working a lot of shoulder flexibility and getting into my lower back on forward bends. I got corrections/compliments about those two things. I did SHOW her what I’ve been working on- or she’s psychic.

I’d even say that right now I know my goal in EVERY POSTURE. It may be the obvious goal in a posture or maybe something that’s less clear like getting my shoulders down in final stretching head to knee with stretching pose.

What are you working on?


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3 thoughts on “What are you working on?

  1. Love this post! Each posture presents a different challenge to all of us. The key is not to be complacent in each posture, but to work and reach for a new depth and understanding. Like I always say to my students, you don’t want to just space out, go through the motions and wake up at the end of class, you want to be present in the moment and actively reaching for the next step in your practice. Thanks for sharing this experience.

  2. Like you, I’m definitely working on EVERY posture and I think I could answer that question about any of the postures if asked. Seems odd that a person would have no idea what they were working on but…who knows. Foremost in my mind each class is the standing series. Getting pretty consistent on top leg locked in Standing Head to Knee, but have not progressed to pulling my elbows down below my calves, let alone anywhere near head to knee. That’s one. The next would be Standing Bow, the whole kicking back and up and pointing toes to ceiling thing, as well as keeping my arm reaching forward and not letting it drop down. Some days slightly better than others but a challenge every day. It’s fun though. Keeps me coming back.

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