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Stressing about not getting my yoga in!


I find it stressful when I can’t get to yoga class. I try to go to Bikram 6 times a week. I already have 2 days yoga doesn’t fit into this week.  I’ve spent time stressing about how to cram another class into the week. Not Zen of me whatsoever! It’s like my day just isn’t complete without a yoga class.

One night I couldn’t make it (busy night full of other obligations). When I got home I was crabby. When my hubby figured out I was busy NOT doing yoga, he was no longer confused by my grumpiness. Now, should I rely on yoga to have a calm and peaceful mind? NO. But it sure is nice that it does!!!!

Maybe I should look into a home routine or practice some mediation to work on my brain when I can make it into the hot room.



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One thought on “Stressing about not getting my yoga in!

  1. I love my home routine. It’s taught me more about taking yoga off the mat than the classes I go to.

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