Hot room confessions

a snapshot into my Bikram yoga world

If you’re not breathing you’re not doing yoga

Maybe I had just been congested for so long, but a couple weeks ago I was reminded of how amazing a big deep breath is when you’re working hard in class. Next time you’re in a challenging class and you’re thinking about sitting out a posture, take one deep breath. The kind that starts at the bottom of your lungs and ends at the very top. You’ll feel better- more calm and more balanced.

It’s amazing how powerful your breath is in class. I mean, the teachers tell you that and the first part of class (that sometimes feels like forever) is all about breathing. It’s true! It’s also true about breathing out your mouth sets off your body into a panic mode. If you have to breath out your mouth, take a knee and calm your breath down.

But in postures you have to breath! Whether it’s deep, long, full breaths or small 80/20 breaths. You can tell in class when everyone’s holding their breath. After the posture you hear a big breath as everyone comes out of the posture (hello full locust pose).


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