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Health Challenge 2014: Weeks 6-8

Soooooooo there’s nothing new about my challenge. Yes, I’ve been going 6 times a week. That’s not an issue for me, in fact I’ve only had to do two doubles in the challenge (that’s nothing!). Backward bending is a whole other story. Since the wedding weekend my lower back’s  been kind of messed up. It’s tight and I can’t seem to stretch it out! The rehearsal dinner night I was walking around and felt a pinch in my back where the tightness seems to be. I’m guessing wearing heels messed with my lower back (I’m OLD!). I’ve been going easy on my backbending since it seems to fire up my lower back some. I have been trying to stretch out my lower back by working on my hips and forward bending. Forward bending- with my piriformis issues? Well my derriere is doing pretty freaking awesome!  You know, not 100%, but pretty darn close!

My caboose is doing so much better I’M GOING TO ADVANCED CLASS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m SO excited! I haven’t been since mid October. I just need to remember to take it easy so I don’t mess up my butt again!

My hubby’s challenge has been going so well! I’m so proud of him. He brushes it off when I mention it, but I am so proud. He’s  been fitting yoga into his life in ways he never bothered before. He’s got a super crazy work schedule but he really tries (and does) get his three classes in a week. He’s now been three days in a row a couple of times. You have to understand that he used to REFUSE to go to classes two days in a row (I know, he’s a weirdo- you get so much more flexi with everyday class). He’s SO CLOSE to touching the floor in toe stand. I can’t help but to see how close he is in class. When I’m  bent over touching the floor it’s easy to look over and see how close he is.


I swear I remember teachers sometimes telling students to fall forward into their hands if they’re close. Haven’t heard it in forever. I’m guessing that’s not something my teachers are doing anymore? I think he should fall forward just once in the challenge.

Another plus in spending the whole afternoon in yoga today  is that it’s supposed to be nasty outside. A wet cold front is blowing through. The perfect weather for being in the hot room all day. It’s been beautiful lately and it makes me want to be outside. When the weather is amazing it makes me feel guilty spending all my free time in a heated, frosted windowed studio instead of appreciating the outdoors. There’s just not enough hours in the day for yoga and outdoors!


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4 thoughts on “Health Challenge 2014: Weeks 6-8

  1. I love yoga. Good that your husband is working into difficult poses

  2. I’ve heard the fall forward thing too. He should try it!

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