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One of the top 5 worst classes ever!

This weekend was a little crazy for the hubby and I. We were both in a wedding. Yay- I LOVE weddings! This one was beautiful! But it was exhausting at the same time. I didn’t have time to yoga Friday or Saturday (hello doubling this week).

Saturday was the wedding. I got up early and got ready. I was at the church early in my groomswoman dress (yes, I was on the groom’s side). It was an absolute BLAST… but I was not preparing for yoga on Sunday:

I was in my heels ALL DAY LONG!

Did I drink much water? NOPE!

Did I drink booze? YES PLEASE! Although not some crazy amount…. but definitely enough in combination with the lack of water to push me over the dehydration edge

I had two cupcakes. Same as at our wedding, how could I not??

Ooooohhhh man was that noon class on Sunday a bad one! I knew my body wasn’t going to like that class ahead of time. Although I tried to hydrate that morning, there’s only so much you can do a few hours before class. The weather Sunday was nice and humid too…

Three breaths into the first breathing exercise I knew I was in for it. By the time we got to eagle I was hurting.  By balancing stick  it all fell apart. I sat out plenty and did what I could. I knew that this was going to happen. I tried my best to accept my practice for what it was that day.

By the end of the class I was cramping all over. I’ve never heard about this happening to anyone else but my lips cramp up- my actual lips start to curl under! They were cramping in the middle of the standing series! The muscles of my eyes, fingers, hands, and feet cramped up. It was just bad.

Class ended and I walked out. I left my mat and towel sitting on the floor. Doing my backbending homework was not a possibility Sunday. I needed cooler air. I needed to chug my water. I sat in the lobby dripping a pool of sweat on the floor. Cramped up face and all. Three people walked by asking if I needed anything. The best  could do was to shake my head no.

I’m not sure where exactly this class ranks but it’s definitely in the top 5 worst classes for me. It’s right up there with the juice cleanse class, the sinus infection class, that one hungover class.


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2 thoughts on “One of the top 5 worst classes ever!

  1. Sounds a little like the New Year’s Day class, when the whole room smells like alcohol and everyone spends most of class on the floor. I think you are awesome for showing up, even though you knew it’d be hard.

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