Hot room confessions

a snapshot into my Bikram yoga world

It’s Raining Men!

In class last night I was surrounded by dudes. I mean there are definitely a chunk of people in every class that are men. But I’d say that there are more women than men in a Bikram yoga class.

Last night I got to class a little early and set up my mat in my normal-ish spot. There weren’t any other mats in the general area. I stretch out and relax before class. As the teacher walks in a notice I am surrounded by men! That song “It’s Raining Men” automatically filled my head along with the dread of having a drama filled class. See, men are usually the more dramatic of the two sexes in yoga class. It’s a pet peeve of mine.

Class went just fine! A couple of the surrounding dudes came together and had a weird chuckle between themselves a couple times (along with big gestures trying to get into eagle). But overall, the men around me were generally calm and still between postures and when they fell out of postures it wasn’t overly dramatic and over the top as some men can be. We worked hard, suffered in silence, and got in a great class!


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