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Health Challenge 2014: Weeks 2 and 3

So backbending is…. just that with me these days. I’m doing them. Some days I feel like I’m making changes in my spine, other days I don’t feel like it’s making a difference. My lower back was feeling crazy a couple weeks ago but that’s gone now. Lately I’ve been feeling tightness in my shoulders, esp. the fronts of my shoulders. I have no idea what that means!

Although I’m not sure about the progress of my backbends, I CAN feel other postures shifting around. This may be due to backbending? Or maybe I’m telling myself this just to make me feel better about all this backward bending I’m doing. Here are the postures I can feel changes in (they’re probably just feeling different, I doubt there’s any real physical difference in the postures):

  • Standing bow: Thank GOD! I can feel more twisting in my mid spine. This posture has made me it’s bitch for forever!
  • Cobra: all of a sudden I feel like I’m looking back more (neck flexibility maybe?)
  • Floor bow: it just feels like I’m getting into this one more….
  • Spine twist: ohhh yeah I can feel twisting between my shoulder blades these days and it feels AMAZING!!!!! Why can’t we have two sets of this???

So I find myself motivated to backward bend for all these other reasons when I don’t feel like they’re helping my backbending in class. Actually my back feels tighter (esp. the first backward bend in half moon). I’ve thought about moving my backbending to before class to loosen up before class. Haven’t tried it yet…

Going to six classes a week has been no biggie. In fact I’ve gone 7 days a week for weeks one and two. I’ll be in store for a double next week since I’ll be out of town next weekend. It’s been a while since I’ve done two beginner classes in a row. It’ll be nice!

Hubby update: he’s seeing more leg strength in the awkward series! He’s also been able to get his legs all the way on the floor in the final stretching (hello hamstring flexibility!). He has been having some back pain when backward bending in class. It seems weird, like it’s possibly stemming from him doing something else unevenly. Since it’s not disrupting anything outside yoga backward bends he’s not too concerned about it. 

The weather here in Texas has been kind of crazy- below freezing one day and 48 hours later it’s in the 80’s! It’s been nice practicing in a constant temperature setting. I’ve really been looking forward to the heat!

If you’re interested in week one, here ya go!


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One thought on “Health Challenge 2014: Weeks 2 and 3

  1. First bullet made me laugh. A lot!

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