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Health Challenge 2014: Week 1

So my hubby and I are one week into our health challenge of 2014. So far so good!

  • This year I’m going to 6 classes a week. The past two challenge seasons I’ve done a class a day. I did end up taking class everyday… which is everyday really since 12/27. BUT, it’s nice to know I CAN take a day off a week.
  • Backbending homework has  been…. meh. I’ve done it everyday but it hasn’t been something I look forward to. I can’t tell a difference yet. I did take a before picture. I’m feeling discouraged about the whole thing. You know, questioning if I’m actually going to make a real improvement. Really it’s my mid back and my arms! Both are so resistant! Arg!

All this backbending has made my lower-lower back ache! That back/top of my pelvis bone area has been a little irritated. Talked to some teachers and evidently that’s to be expected. The last thing I need is to hurt myself… again! 

Tuesday is my birthday. So I did pamper myself yesterday and got a massage at my favorite spa. It’s called Zen Well and does Thai massage, reflexology, and chair massage.  I’ve had all three services. I feel like I’m supposed to love the Thai massage, but really it’s just OK. I feel like it’s a lot of what I already do in yoga. Using your body to twist and stretch. It is different in that the masseuse is moving your limp body. Kinda cool if you’ve never done it. The BEST is the chair massage. The tightest part of my body is my upper back and shoulders, so sitting in those chairs at an angle and getting a massage is the BEST! I also love not getting rubbed down with oils (oils and lotion = slimy yoga). The Thai massage is better for lower back so I did get more of a Thai massage yesterday and by lower back feels fabulous today!

My hubby’s challenge is going great! He’s really been going three times a week for a few weeks since we’re coming from Christmas break. He’s been able to sit out less in class and also stretch further. I’m glad to see that having a more regular practice is allowing him to make progress his usual less frequent practice has made difficult. Besides, I love praticing with my hubby and I get to more often right now! I like to screw around with him as we stretch our arms out during full locust pose. He hates it! Haha.


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