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a snapshot into my Bikram yoga world

It’s challenge season!!!


So I said I was over doing challenges… a couple times already. I have the frequency in my practice and I don’t need to complete 60 classes in 60 days again. The first 60/60 was eye opening for me and it DID up the frequency of my practice because of the challenge.  I learned how to combine my life with my yoga. I didn’t do just 60/60, I ended up with 94/94. In 2013, it was 100 in 99 days. So as you can see, I overdo things…. hence the ending of challenges for me.

BUT the challenge this year is different! It’s not a 30/30 or a 60/60. It’s whatever health goals you have! You can take different health measurements (beginning, middle, end). Things like weight, resting heart rate, hamstring flexibility with a sit and reach box. You can make yoga frequency goals (times per week, times per the 60 days, whatever!). You can make posture goals (take pics before and after if you want). EVEN MY HUBBY is doing the challenge with me!!!! Yay!!!!!!!

Here are my goals:

  • Go to 6 classes a week. I’m hoping a day off a week will help reduce the injuries I’ve gotten in the past taking a bazillion classes in a row. Besides I go typically 5-6x a week. Not a huge stretch. Although there will be a couple weeks that I’ll have to do doubles. Since I’m not currently taking advanced class (butt injury), they will be beginner classes. Haven’t done two beginners in a row in a while!
  • Complete a backbending routine everyday (My butt is still bothering me. Since forward bends are difficult for me, I’m going to focus on backward bending!). After talking to a teacher about wanting to work on my backbends she suggested wall walking. Start with 5 backbends for a week then 10 for a week, 15, and so on. I’m not so sure about upping it so much each week…. but we’ll see how it goes! I’ve done 5 the past two days!
  • I want to take before and after pictures of my backbend…. although I’m a little embarrassed to get my hubby to take the picture. I guess I shouldn’t be. Haven’t you ever been curious to see what you look like in postures?
  • I’ve thought about trying out a couple different types of yoga along the way. I have a friend that used to do ashtanga. I’m trying to get her to go with me to a lead ashtanga class sometime.

My hubby has committed to taking 3 classes a week (he’s usually 1-2x a week). He wants to focus on hamstring flexibility and dropping the holiday weight. I’m just so excited to go through this with him! I think he’ll see a real change in his practice.


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