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You’ve gotta have balance between strength and flexibility

You need to have a balance between strength and balance. Some people are generally stronger. They tend to work on flexibility in class. Others are flexible working towards strength. This balance is also required in your postures.

I’m living this unbalanced problem with my piriformis muscle (aka my butt). Before Saturday’s class I talked to the teacher about my pain in the butt problem. She told me exactly what I thought.

First, she told me I had to be patient and that pain like that takes time. I need to listen to my body. Take my practice as it is one day at a time. Second she told me I was having pain because I needed to gain more strength in my hip (Bikram speak for butt) to counterbalance the flexibility I already have there. When I stretched my hip/rear I got more pain (during and after stretching) because I needed LESS stretch more strength! Which is opposite, usually with muscle pain people stretch it out.

So, I need to strengthen my butt. The entire class I was getting corrections about flexing my butt. I squeezed and squeezed and squeezed my derriere. And then something different happened in cobra.

It was a butt epiphany!

I found new butt muscles I didn’t know I had! Lower down on my butt (ladies you know, the lower and wider area back there). It was almost like squeezing my hip bones together. I could feel my legs stay together better (knees and ankles). I could feel the muscles in the problem area fire up and work! I don’t think I’d been using those muscles at all!!

Although it was harder to go deep into the back strengthening series I focused on my butt. Squeezing them to death. The next day my rear was sore. After Sunday’s class to squeezing my butt in the newly discovered area I was sore again!

Just think, maybe that wide lower part of my butt will get smaller since I’m strengthening it?

A girl can wish right?


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