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Accept your practice wherever it is

Before class yesterday I talk to the teacher about the pain in my butt (really, a pain in a muscle in my rear). Lately it has been difficult to accept my yoga practice as it is on that day. I struggle with taking it easy. It’s hard for me to listen to my body on any given day. Yesterday there were plenty of us on the I’m injured bus. The teacher took a minute before starting class to remind us about the mental part of yoga. She said that it’s most important to listen to our bodies and that even if we stood there in class for 90 minutes we’d be doing yoga. We’d be doing something good for our bodies and minds.

Lately my neck/rear issues have forced me to really listen to my body in class. I have to go into postures with an open mind in order to listen to my body and not push myself like I’m used to. It’s been all around difficult- which means I needed this. I guess I needed a reminder that coming to class and doing anything is better than doing nothing. But, at the same time, it’s important not to do too much!

What a fine balance!



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