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I am seriously falling apart. Physically.

My body is not happy with me these days. I’ve been sick (cold stuff- cough, lost my voice, congested, normal for me). That’s the second time in a little over a month! I teach, so it’s inevitable that I pick up a germ or two, but getting sick so close together? UNACCEPTABLE!!  I realized that back in August I ran out of vitamin D. It’s supposed to help out your immune system….. I ran out to Target without my voice to purchase new vitamin D. Hopefully that was the problem and there’s not some bigger reason why I’m getting sick so frequently…. I only went to yoga three times last week. That hasn’t happened in a couple years (unless I was on vacation of course)!

My piriformis muscle is killing me. What is that you say? It’s in your butt. It’s this mean little muscle between your tailbone and the top of your femur. If you do much yoga I bet you’ve battled with this little dude before. I found an article in a yoga journal I find quite helpful. I’m not keeping my hips level in standing bow. I’m sure that’s the problem- my yoga teacher tells me that too (she’s ALWAYS right- kind of annoying sometimes). I’ve REALLY REALLY been focusing on getting my body down I probably stopped focusing on hip alignment. Since the butt pain has escalated I’ve been taking standing bow real easy but this dang muscle is slow to heal. Jesus! It hurts to forward bend. Do you know many forward bends there are in Bikram?!?!!? Ouch. 

Then Monday in class I noticed a tweak in my neck during the pranayama breathing. It was weird but improved and I forgot about it… until the last few postures in class. I could tell there was something up with my neck. It got worse. Washing my hair after class was difficult (I’m tall and have to crank my head way back to get the top of my head under the shower head- tall person problems). So now I did something to my neck! Although it’s Wednesday and it’s noticeably better. I’m hoping this issue is a short lived one since my ASS IS STILL KILLING ME!

I’m beginning to think I’m just falling apart. My friend D tells me this is just what happens when you get older and you’re active. I just need to get used to something hurting. But isn’t that why I’m active? To NOT hurt? WTF body!?!?!



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4 thoughts on “I am seriously falling apart. Physically.

  1. Oh no! Head to floor is another one that is notorious for butt pain. I hope you get realigned and start feeling better soon!

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