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Form, frequency, and focus

My hubby and I get into conversations about the best way to practice for improvement. He is in music education, which means he has to teach kids how to practice their instruments. It never gets old how practicing well is key to music, sports, yoga, LIFE.

He reads books and articles about practicing. A lot are from famous coaches. At some point the three F’s came up. He didn’t come up with this. In fact we don’t remember where we got it from (oops). But when you practice _______ (guitar, golf, yoga, ukelele) you need to practice FREQUENTLY. This makes sense- in order to get better, you have to do _____ often. When you practice ____ you have to have good FORM. If you’re not practicing like you’re performing (like half-assing triangle because you’re tired) you’re not going to improve. When you practice ____ you have to FOCUS on what you’re doing. This is the mind aspect of practice I probably struggle with the most.

I didn’t think I had a focus problem until I put a couple events together. Most of which go something like a teacher pushing me to do something and my mind freaks out. I do the thing they ask and I’m amazed that I can do it. For example, during cobra one day the teacher (who knows my practice well) tells me to push up with my hands. I of course panic a second and then push up. She repeats to push up again and I do. This happened about three times I felt SO HIGH UP. Then I did it- I could hold my back up at that height and I had no idea! Now I go to that place every time in cobra. I had no idea that I could physically do cobra at that depth. My mind was telling me where to stop instead of my body.

Focus is definitely the hardest aspect of practice for me (hello I do have ADD).  I’ve got the frequency down no problem (this is a big one for a lot of people, everyone is short on time these days). I think I’m decent at form. I know the postures (def. not perfect). I try my best pretty much all the time (I’m sure not 100%, but really close).  It’s funny, my hubby and I were talking last night about how the teachers at my studio(s) really know their students. Somehow they know when I’m slacking vs. when I really need to take a break. They can tell- really! It seems like every time I’m feeling like slacking- I go into a posture way after the dialog, I take a knee when I don’t need to, etc. I totally get called out by the teacher. I appreciate it and I suck it up. I guess staring at you for 90 min. these teachers really know you and your limits (I love my teachers- they’re amazing).

Form, frequency, and focus: what do you need to work on in your ____ (harmonica, skiing, Putt-Putt, tap dacing, yoga)?


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3 thoughts on “Form, frequency, and focus

  1. FORM! Amazingly, yoga is the only place on Earth I actually CAN focus! One of my doctors even sat in on a class once when I was a kid because he didn’t believe I could do any one thing for 90 minutes. But I get lazy a don’t always try as hard as I could.

    I guess you are saying we should all aim to be straight F practitioners! 😉

  2. I really enjoyed your post. Form is definitely the one I struggle with the most in my Bikram practice. You also made me think about how the “3 F’s” manifest in my non-yoga career as well. They really have applicability to all areas of life!

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