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How yoga ruined my life

And by ruined, I mean changed and improved my life! I read this post earlier this week that contains this video:

Although it’s a little more meditative than I tend to be, it is totally true!  Now I don’t have a job that requires me to be aggressive and cut throat, but I can spread my toes out pretty well and have less patience for shoes that don’t give my toes room!

In honor of the anniversary of my very first Bikram yoga class (sometime in October 2006*) I’m going to list some of the things that yoga has ‘ruined’ for me:
  • I’m constantly trying to fit life into my yoga practice. When my mom wants to go shopping on Saturday, the first thing that pops into my mind is what time will I be able to get to yoga. I don’t really go to happy hour anymore- I can’t get  to yoga before and I certainly wouldn’t go AFTER happy hour!
  • I’m not nearly as interested in buying regular clothes, I’d rather spend money on yoga clothes. Think about it, those 90 minutes are when I’m looking at myself. I want to like what I’m wearing!
  • Makeup: I don’t wear makeup as much. I don’t like having to take it off before yoga! Sometimes I’m running from school to the studio and don’t want to take the time to get all the makeup off. PLUS it saves me 10 minutes every morning!
  • I can’t sit still: this has always been a problem for me. But now that I practice most days, I have less patience for sitting. I can feel that my back is tight. I hate having to curve forward when working on my computer. The video above talks about plane rides- SO TRUE! I can’t stand to sit for that long. After getting off a long plane ride I HAVE to stretch.
  • Lotion: I don’t use lotion anymore. If you’ve practiced Bikram, you know how slimy and slippery you get when you sweat if you put lotion on at any point that day! You can’t grip your feet, legs, hands. It’s SO ANNOYING! In the winter when the heater makes my hands so dry I do use hand lotion (not anytime near my yoga class). Certain lotions are less slimy than others:  Origins ginger lotion (hand and body) and Burt’s Bees Honey hand lotion.
  • Cooking: I don’t cook anymore. I get home from evening yoga too late! My wonderful hubby cooks. And when he has to work at night? I don’t cook. We use the slow cooker, leftovers, scrambled eggs, salad. Things I can make in a flash when I come home starving from yoga.
  • General conversations end up with me talking about yoga. I can relate anything to yoga. If you hate yoga, you probably shouldn’t talk to me. My hubby and I had to spend about 6 hours in the car yesterday, we talked about yoga at least 2 hours of it. It related to teaching science, marching band rehearsals, weight loss, confidence. I can bring it into ANY conversation.

How has your yoga ‘ruined’ your left?

* Disclaimer, it has been 6 years since my first Bikram yoga class but there’s been plenty of time in those 6 years I didn’t go to yoga for months, a year. I think that the longest gap was about 15 months when we got married and moved far away from my studio. So I haven’t been PRACTICING for six years. It’s just been six years. When people ask how long I say a few years. Probably pretty accurate!

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3 thoughts on “How yoga ruined my life

  1. It’s so true. Only when you stop sitting all day do you realise how much damage it has already done to your body! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Have you tried coconut oil instead of lotion? It’s incredibly good for your skin and doesn’t sit in your pores waiting to ruin your grips 🙂

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