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Things I should like… but I don’t

I’m at the point in my yoga practice that I feel like I fall into the yogi category. I go most days of the week, I talk about yoga a lot, I have a BLOG to write about it, I have clothes specifically for yoga, I spend whole Sunday afternoons taking two yoga classes…

There are things that I feel like I’m supposed to like since I’m a yogi that I just don’t care for. I’ve tried to like them but I can’t:

1. Kale: it’s got an intense texture. I’ve tried it cooked in eggs and pasta, raw in salads, and chips. I liked the chips OK, but making them is a pain. Besides the chip method I can’t eat it. The texture is too rough and dry (if that makes sense).

2. Coconut water: it too viscous! It tastes funny! The chocolate is palatable, but not my first electrolyte choice.

3. Lululemon: I use their stuff for coverups to and from class. But their yoga clothes for yoga? I just can’t! Their shorts are either too long or too short in length and the rise is just too high! Bleh. But I do have a top that I love. So I guess this isn’t ENTIRELY true. I’ve just given up on their shorts.

To end optimistically there are things that are yoga-y that I do enjoy: most veggies (I eat meat as little as possible compromising with my better half), plenty of yoga brand clothes (shakti, tonic, onzie, mohawk), Ultima Replenisher, my Manduka yoga mats, and my Hydro Flask.  


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One thought on “Things I should like… but I don’t

  1. Try the new vita coco kids. It’s awesome!

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