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a snapshot into my Bikram yoga world

There’s three main types of fitness: strength, flexibilty, and speed. Are our youth missing one?

Today at the end of one of my classes  (teaching not yoga) a saw a few students bending over trying to touch their toes and groaning. They were athletes (lacrosse, football, baseball that I know of). I was shocked at their lack of flexibility! I mean, they’re only 15 or 16 years old! I thought kids were supposed to be all bendy?!?

When I drew attention to what those boys were doing everyone kind of got into the touching your toes thing and ONLY ONE GIRL could touch her toes?!!? And when she grabbed her foot with an extended leg while sitting in her desk, everyone seemed grossed out at how flexible she was. All I could think was man, they’d think I’m really nasty….

I may be out of touch with normal flexibility since I am a yogi and practice with some really bendy people. But are our youth missing out on one of the big ideas of fitness? Sure things like football and tennis work on speed and strength, but what about flexibility? With how competitive and intense sports are for today’s youth we are seeing an increase in sports related injuries, especially those from repetitive stresses. Could some yoga mixed into their fitness routines help our youth get well rounded fitness?



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