Hot room confessions

a snapshot into my Bikram yoga world

Please make sure your yoga clothing isn’t see through!

Class was about to start yesterday a guy came in a set up right in front of me. I know this bothers some people, they get all grumpy and irritated about it. Whatever, I just moved my mat over so I could see a sliver of myself. Then he bent over to move his over a bit… and through his black underarmor underwear/biker short things I could see his entire butt. The whole crack, even a couple of moles. BLEH!!! I’ve always wondered about this outfit for men: underwear or actual shorts?

The waist band makes me feel like they’re underwear!

Naturally, when it came time to stagger with our neighbor for standing separate leg stretching, I have to step up to the top of my mat and my mole-butt buddy steps to the back of his mat. Then it was time to bend down while looking forward. I didn’t. I know however I got down looked funny because the teacher giggled and smiled at me. She probably thought I didn’t like it when I can’t see myself…. not that I don’t like butts I can SEE in my face!

Dear all yogis, give your costume a good check over before practicing. I always give clothes the downward dog and standing bow check. 


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