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Free day of yoga recap

During the day on Sept. 2nd over 600 people visited my home studios (there are four studios around time that are the same company, they are all my ‘home studio’). How cool is that?!?

The class I went to on the 2nd was pretty full. There were plenty of new people. Taking a class with a larger proportion of newbies is good and bad. It’s amazing to share the yoga with people who are new. They have no idea what they’re in for- how hard the class will be, how good they’re going to feel, a teacher that doesn’t DO the yoga…… The energy in a class like that is amazing!

But then again, a class full of newbies is a class full of people who don’t know the etiquette, don’t know how to space themselves in the room, leave the room, etc. I know this is all a personal problem and should all these as a challenge to my focus on keeping my yoga zen.

Really, the pros outweigh the cons in my book. You just can’t beat the energy before, during, and after a class full of newbies! I should have stepped out of my Bikram comfort zone and taken a different style of yoga on the Free Day of Yoga. Alas, having the day off and filling it with my hubby left little time for planning and finding a new class. Next year!!




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4 thoughts on “Free day of yoga recap

  1. Come to New York so we can take a class together!

  2. Sometimes it depends on the newbies, I think. I love when they come in curious and engaged… Even if they are wiggly or struggle. I absolutely LOVE when they randomly crack up, and I like encouraging them through their first class. The newbies who come in expecting to be amazing, make mean faces in the mirror, argue with the teacher, and/or go to the back of the room to pace drive me nuts though. I so badly want to be like “dude. Just let it go! This is YOGA class!” I feel sad for them and it’s distracting.

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