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Yoga retreat is a week away!


I’m super excited that I decided to sign up for the Bikram Yoga Women’s Retreat. I admit I don’t know why I hesitated to sign up…. it’s in Austin and it’s hosted by my studio. Since it’s in Austin I can commute and save about $400 not staying at the resort. Since I’m a student AND only make teacher pay this is a plus!

I finish my master’s on Tuesday and then the retreat is Thursday. What a great graduation gift to myself eh? (It will also keep me from celebrating by eating junk food and drinking booze)

I’m a little nervous about the social aspect. I’m going to this retreat without any friends that are going. I’m sure there’s teachers from my studio, but I’m sure they’ll be chatting it up with longtime yoga friends and other teachers. I hope I’m not the only loner heading to this thing! There’s a lot of time set aside for meals and there’s even downtime and I won’t have a room to hide in…. I hope I meet some amazing ladies to chat with during those times!

The days are pretty packed with mediation and posture clinics and whatnot. I’m also nervous about having enough energy for it all. Then again I’m about to head out the door to beginner class followed by advanced this morning. That def. takes some energy and stamina! If it’s tough I bet I won’t be the first to poop out. This is probably a nonsense anxiety.

* Did I mention who is going to be teaching at this retreat? Emmy Cleaves, Mary Jarvis, and Rajashree Choudhury!


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