Hot room confessions

a snapshot into my Bikram yoga world

Being comfortable being uncomfortable


I’m finishing up my masters (like in the next few days) and there have definitely been some freaking out going on lately. I’ve gotten two cold sores in a month (I haven’t had one in a couple years).

Everyday I go to yoga- even if I’m crammed for time. I’m towards the end of a 30 day challenge and I’m even two days ahead. I don’t have to go everyday. I could take a day off.  But it does such a good job of clearing my mind! If I go to yoga after being in the lab all day, it works like a decompression chamber. I’m all frenzied and stressed walking into yoga but after I have a more realistic view on what I need to get done. I can then go home and enjoy a calm (at least calmer) evening.

One day I was on full freak out mode in the lab at school and RT sends me a text. He told me that yoga has prepared me for this- that yoga forces you to learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Finishing this masters has been a huge learning experience. Honestly, it’s been terribly stressful (someday I’ll look back on it fondly…. I hope). I am good at being comfortable when I shouldn’t be- I do it everyday in the hot room. Why wasn’t I applying it outside the hot room?

And this is one of the many reasons I love it that my hubby practices with me. He gets what goes on in the room.Even if it’s just once or twice a week.


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