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Rainy Yoga

Yesterday was the BEST weather for Bikram yoga- rainy, muggy, warm! It was also a Monday 5:30 class day for me. With one of my very favorite teachers, who makes it FREAKING HOT in class. I got everything I’d hoped for in that class…. it hurt so good!

What can I say? I’m a sucker for getting my butt kicked! And that class was a killer. I knew going in to stop with the expectations (esp. with my hit and miss good yoga pattern lately). I knew to take it easy. I knew what kind of class this was going to be.

Not everyone in that packed room knew what they were in for. People were freaking out! Leaving, drinking CRAZY amounts of water, being generally dramatic (gosh those people drive me NUTS). There was definitely no yoga etiquette going on in that room (I’m kind of a snob about that). 

Yet, the teacher remained calm and patient. She approached the situation with the right energy. She had the right amount of caring mixed in with pushing and correction. She talked about taking care of yourself and taking a break when you need it (but to also join again as soon as you’re ready). Don’t worry, she wasn’t too soft- she kept it plenty steamy despite half the class sitting out. She was teaching us to remain calm and to know our limits for the day even when presented with a very uncomfortable situation.

Even though I was having a not so great class. I didn’t get angry when I fell out of standing head to knee. I didn’t judge myself when I sat out of a set of triangle. I pushed to my limit for the day.I didn’t compare to my class yesterday or the week before. I accepted my yoga yesterday for what it was and nothing more.

As the teacher put it- I walked out of class feeling great. She says that’s what makes great yoga!



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2 thoughts on “Rainy Yoga

  1. battlingbikrambeingbig on said:

    Thank god I’m not the only etiquette snob! I hate people breaking the rules!!!!

  2. Hahahha!!!! I’ve had those classes!!! I always say I practice like I’m the only person in the room, but I don’t think most folks believe me. Yesterday, after class, I asked the teacher why she turned the air during the floor series- I wasn’t complaining, just curious. And she gave me a really funny look, and was like “you didn’t notice that you were the ONLY person practicing?!?!” haha, nope!

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