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Botox mat

During last night’s class, after the first set of  Pranayama breathing, I noticed the woman in class had a Botox mat. This got me wondering:

  • Does she use Botox and therefore has been given a mat from her Dr?
  • Is she a Botox pharmaceutical rep?
  • Does she really love Botox? I wonder if she has wrinkles…. or can move her face…
  • Does Botox think that yoga studios is a good place to advertise? Are they correct? Shouldn’t yogis be all about the inside and not the outside?
  • If I had a Botox mat, would I use it in public?

This is genius! I spent a good 5 minutes thinking about Botox (I know, not Zen yoga of me). That’s the most time I’ve ever spent thinking about Botox. I guess that’s a win for Botox!


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One thought on “Botox mat

  1. Haha. awesome. and interesting that that even exists!

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