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Summer sun and yoga don’t mix

So on Saturday I spent about 4 hours in the direct sunlight tubing on the Comal river with some friennds. Since I’ m a sucker and I’ve signed up for the 30 day challenge I needed to go to yoga on Saturday. I drank plenty of water (so I thought) on the river and applied massive amounts of sunscreen. We got home about 3:30. This left me about 30 minutes to shower (I had to get off the layers of sunscreen), play with the dogs, and drink water (even though it was probably too late for hydrating).

I couldn’t get all the sunscreen off! I scrubbed and scrubbed! That new spray on sunscreen is impossible to get off with soap and water.  I did my best and hoped that it wouldn’t sting my eyes too badly in class. I went to class and warned the teacher that is could be a seriously ugly class for me.

Turns out class wasn’t that bad! I mean, definitely not my A game. I didn’t really have a lot of time after class before I met some friends out for dinner. All seemed well- until Sunday.

Sunday is often what I like to call my yoga marathon day. I sometimes take a beginner class followed with a 2 hour advanced class. Advanced has been going longer with due to the upcoming Texas Regional Competition. When I have the time I love my Sunday marathon days. I did my usual Sunday morning preparations like drinking plenty of water and being sure to eat something substantial but not huge.

After the first round of pranayama breathing in the beginner class, I knew I was in trouble. I was sweating like a maniac. The whole class I was dizzy and crampy. I get cramps in my face when my electrolytes are out of whack- I don’t know how normal that is. But the muscles around my mouth tighten (makes my mouth look weird to me but I don’t think anyone else would see it) and the muscles around my eyes twitch.

It was bad. I tried to take breaks (I hate sitting out postures). My head was POUNDING! When class was over I ran out and drank a Gatorade (I HATE Gatorade, but I just felt so bad). I drank some of my Ultima Replenisher I brought with me. I gave Advanced all I had.  The teacher has us repeat a couple of things and do the competition postures without a mirror. I’d say it was tougher than a typical class.  I definitely left exhausted and with my head about to explode.

I came home and started working on my electrolytes. I had one glass of Ultima. I ate veggies and fruit. I had another glass of Ultima. I ate pickles. My head pounded all night long!!! At least this morning the headache seems to have gone away.

I’ve learned an important lesson: if I’m in the sun, I need to drink water but ALSO replace electrolytes. Or just avoid the sun like I normally do!


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