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I said I wasn’t going to do another challenge….

So I’ve already said I wasn’t doing another challenge just a month ago… but my studio is starting up one this month that’s only 30 days (that’s nothing when you’ve done 100 classes in 99 days).

This mini challenge is different: we’re on teams based on our location (there’s four studios, four teams). AND we get to show our progress with a poster at our location WITH STICKERS!! The studio to have the highest percent completion hosts the end of challenge party too! The challenge we had in January was much more individual. No teams, no public display of progress.

I may have to participate, I mean THERE’S STICKERS for heaven’s sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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3 thoughts on “I said I wasn’t going to do another challenge….

  1. You sooooo should!!!! (Out studio always has stickers)

  2. battlingbikrambeingbig on said:

    We always have stickers too. I am the OCD one and make sure I have the same sticker every day. Everyone elses stickers are messy and random.

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