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Yoga clone

There is someone at yoga that RT calls my “yoga clone”. She’s 6 ft tall (like me). She is pale (like me). And she has dyed reddish hair (like me- well a year ago). I get called her name all the time around the studio. We’ve both been around the studio for about a year and a half. We’ve never really chatted or practiced next to each other until this week.

We were chatting about the upcoming challenge and ended up setting up next to each other in class. What fun! It was really neat to practice next to a female so advanced AND my size. The crazy thing is that our proportions are so different. Her legs are SO LONG! So kicking out in standing head to knee was cool and crazy to see her hip INCHES above mine (I know I’m not supposed to look at anyone else, but I couldn’t resist!). Standing bow was COOL! She even mentioned how cool it was too. We’ll have to start practicing around each other more often.


I found this tumblr page about Tall People Problems. If you’re tall you’ll appreciate it!

[submitted by franchun]

VERY true for me. No, I didn’t play ANY sports in school. NONE. I was a band geek.

[submitted by franchun]

Yup. Totally happened to me last year and a gay club. I couldn’t figure out why these dudes kept looking at me funny. It was so awkward!


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5 thoughts on “Yoga clone

  1. Haha. I work with a girl who is extremely tall. I walk into her all the time because I never see her face, and my mind never registers that he’s a person. Yesterday, our boss took a picture of us, I was standing on my tippy toes on a stool trying to use the fax machine, and she was standing barefoot in the ground beside me, still taller!

  2. I’m little. 5’2″. Stop standing in front of us little ones in the mirror. Just kidding. Love the pic!

  3. battlingbikrambeingbig on said:

    My problem is that I am wide so noone wants to set up behind me as I take up more than my fair share of the mirror, sideways 😉

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