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I usually love hard yoga, but I’m dying man!

I usually LOVE Bikram when it’s crazy hot and humid in the room. I sometimes complain (only to myself and RT- I’m not one of those people) that it’s not hot enough. Lately, I’ve been the opposite. Hoping for cooler classes. Maybe avoiding teachers that are notoriously heat crazy (yup, avoided the Monday 5:30 yesterday)?

Since coming back from NOLA and starting summer school I haven’t gotten back into my comfortable yoga groove. I’m going to yoga, but each class is a struggle. I’m working my rear off and almost dying! It absolutely wears me out for the rest of the day. My energy level right now is dangerously low.

I have been in summer school these two and a half weeks. Walking about a mile and a half in the heat to and from my car to the lab. AND I have to wear pants and closed toe shoes (Bio-safety level 2 lab). To top off the sweaty walk, I can’t drink in the lab. I drink water I have to take my gloves off and walk around the corner outside the lab to drink. I’ve been trying really hard at hydrating because of my yoga issues. I think I’ve got it down pretty well.

I’m still so tired and worn out all the time. I’m even managing to sleep over 8 hours a night. Yoga is still kicking me every day. A teacher at the studio says that means I’m working on a breakthrough. She claims that this happens all the time to teachers. That your body is working deeper (hence using more energy) in poses. Haven’t seen a breakthrough yet. I’m ready for it to happen any day now…..

I’m not complaining about working my butt off. Or even that I want cooler classes (that’s what I keep telling myself). I guess I just need to have the mental strength to maintain going to classes and to keep my mind positive and strong while in class (and on the way to class). Yesterday I walked into the studio feeling tired and defeated before even going into the hot room! That’s not the right attitude. The instructor even called me out on it in class (oops).

I walked into the studio and signed in. The teacher (I have her all the time, so we’re pretty friendly with each other and tease and stuff) asks how I’m doing and I reply ” sigh-I’m tired and that it’s only Tuesday.”

During our party time in class she mentions that it’s a party and it’s Friday. She looks and me and tells the class that I said it’s only Tuesday and so she’s making it Friday in class. Yup, she called me out all right! I shouldn’t walk in anywhere and be like that. Even though she was teasing me she also did a great job of cheering me up. It was fun to think that the 90 minutes in that room was Friday.

So, I just need to remember to keep positive and do what I can do everyday and not make it a big deal, After all, “It’s called yoga practice, not yoga perfect” right?


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7 thoughts on “I usually love hard yoga, but I’m dying man!

  1. You caught the yoga hole!
    We’ve all been there. It gets better!!!!

  2. You’ll get through it! I had a teacher say something recently that has really suck with me when I’m struggling. He said “Everyone struggles in class sometimes. If it’s your mind letting you down, try to push through it. If it’s your body that’s letting you down, kneel and take a break.” I think of this every time now when I’m pushed to my limit…by the time I have evaluated to decide if it’s a mind issue, or a body issue, the posture is over and I move on… Try it! 🙂

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