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Old yoga stories: New Years Eve 2012

Since I’m still struggling in my yoga lately and don’t really have any new news, I thought I’d write about one of my favorite yoga stories: midnight new years eve yoga at Bikram headquarters. **A teacher told me yesterday that sometimes having a really hard time in class (even with proper electrolytes, diet, hydration, etc.) means that you’re going to have a breakthrough soon. Let’s hope that’s what’s going on!**

RT and I were in LA over New Years visiting one of my best friends. It was also during my 99 day challenge so I was doing yoga as much as I could without missing out on vacation. Since I was in LA, I wanted to take a class at the Bikram Yoga Headquarters. Turns out Bikram’s wife Rajashree was teaching a special class at 10:30 pm so that it would end at midnight!

I don’t stay up late. Last year I didn’t make it up till midnight on NYE. Yoga at midnight while on vacation? SURE! RT did it too- I probably still owe him for doing that with me. We had dinner (crab legs with butter, lots of butter) with our friends and then left for our journey across LA for headquarters. We got there with plenty of time to spare a little before 10. We head up to the studio and realize that it’s already pretty freaking crowded. We had to sign a wavier saying we don’t mind getting videoed. Turns out this is being LIVE STREAMED ONLINE!?!!?

As I’m changing RT is getting us spots. We were both nervous about our full-of-butter tummies and the heat so he was looking for space in the back of the room with the added issue of being away from the cameras. I don’t need to have my butt videoed in my small yoga clothes! I get my stuff together and find RT. He did get spots in the back. Even in the center which was a nice view of the podium. BUT right in the sights of the camera. FML.

The class started late, and it was very chaotic. Before class people were on their phones in the hot room. People in and out all class (def. a no-no in my home studio). All I could think was- this is Rajashree people! What are you doing!?!?

It was getting hotter and hotter. People were sitting out (and walking out). RT was sitting. I couldn’t sit out- there were potentially MILLIONS of people at home watching this online! I battled through. She finally opened the door we were next to and temperature plummeted to point most people could tolerate and return to the practice.

We started late, the mic didn’t work, she stopped to expand on a posture or two. we were running late. Rajashree wanted to finish at midnight with some meditation. The solution was to rush like crazy for the floor series. We finished our final breathing at midnight and Rajashree starts in on the meditation. I’m not totally psyched about the mediation but I was there and I was going to experience the whole thing. People started cheering on about New Years- interrupting her mediation. All I could think was- WTF people?!?! This is Rajashree people! What are you doing!?!?

I’m so glad I was able to go to the class. I’m so happy that RT agreed to go with me. You can see me in the video- but it’s the back of me so unless you knew I was there and knew what I looked like from behind it doesn’t matter. But it was also awakening to see the bad behaviors that are allowed at other studios!


What was funny is that a studio we went to in San Jose streamed the NYE class in their studio so that people could practice along with it there. No worries, we weren’t recognized!



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3 thoughts on “Old yoga stories: New Years Eve 2012

  1. Did Bikram wear a speedo?

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