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Finally a good yoga class!

All week I’ve been struggling with bad yoga. Bad both mentally and physically.

When I first came back from New Orleans I blamed it on the bad food and booze from the trip. Then I blamed it on school. I’ve been working my rear off in a microbiology lab for graduate school. I’m used to working all day and then going to yoga- this lab thing is different. I’m seriously maximizing my brain all day. Trying to learn as much as I can as fast as possible. I’m pulling on things I learned 10 years ago in my undergraduate. I’ve been able to run from the lab to yoga but each day was terrible yoga!

So I was really looking forward to yoga Saturday. No bad food and no lab. I still had bad yoga! I felt sick, almost like I was hungover. Bleh.

FINALLY today I had the class I needed. Mentally I was there. I was present in class and positive (I can be a little hard on myself in class). Physically, I felt great! Now that doesn’t mean I my practice was perfect or anything. I mean I felt good physically. I was pushing and my body wasn’t giving up.

I think part of the problem is electrolytes. It’s summer in Texas and I’m outside walking about a mile to and from my car going to the university lab. I can usually keep balanced without supplements. Yesterday I had some Ultima after class and I had some before class today. I’m glad I have two flavors at home so I can alternate! 

Red Raspberry

Maybe that’s adding to my bad yoga week!


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