Hot room confessions

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New Orleans!!!!!!

A random brass band playing on Frenchman Street

I’ve been busy! Last week hubby and I drove to New Orleans for a three night mini vacation before I start my LAST summer of grad school. That’s right! In August I’m finishing my masters!!!!!

New Orleans: After a few travel delays we got there Thursday night. Ate at a late night po boy place and walked around a bit. I called the night early because I knew I wanted to get a morning yoga in Friday. I got up in time and enjoyed yoga at Bikram Yoga New Orleans. RT went to the WWII museum (we’ve already been two times before- he really loves it). It was a beautiful studio in the warehouse district (I could walk there). The hot room was a little small. I’m not sure if they max out the room often. The hot room itself was beautiful too. Since it was in an old building, the actual hot room had a brick wall and the heating ducts were metal and exposed along the ceiling. There wasn’t a humidifying system so the heat was pretty dry until we all started really sweating.

It’s always awkward getting your spot in a new studio. I know some people have their spot and I don’t want to get in the way. At this studio there weren’t any lines along the floor so I had to take a second to figure out how many rows there were. I found a spot that seemed to work. Then I noticed who was on the three mats on the front row in front of me. There were three women that reminded me of the plastics in Mean Girls. They were all dressed in Lululemon tops and skirts.

They seemed like the cocky popular girls at the studio. Oops! Not people I’d want to set up next to!

Naturally once class started it was no big deal. I usually feel a little self conscious when I’m at a new studio. I’m dressed in actual yoga clothes, so even though I’m new there, people know I’m not new to Bikram. This probably isn’t reality, but I feel like everyone is watching me and that I need to do everything to my best. Not so Zen yoga, I know.

Back to the plastics- the girl in the center of the three of them was one of those people that are all about depth and no concerned at all about form. She was almost directly in front of me so I couldn’t not watch her. It was getting to the point I was worried she was going to hurt herself! Just going as far as she could all wonky and crooked. The teacher never said anything! I obviously have only a one class glimpse into that- but it was freaking me out!

Overall the studio was wonderful and the teacher was kind with perfect dialog. She gave good corrections and had good timing (except for short standing bows).

After Friday I never made it back to yoga- I had anticipated this. We walked around the city eating and drinking the rest of the weekend away! It was awesome. I’ve been paying for the indulgences all week in my practice.


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